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Published Monday, 11 February 2013
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Up in the Yorkshire Dales Alicia has come a long, long way since she gave Val a severe dig in the bake in a fit of temper.

Of course, she may feel like strangling someone right now , but when Alicia asked to arrange David and Priya's wedding as part of her new job, she actually does it all with grace and a sweet smile.

David actually thinks it's a bad idea to hold the wedding at Home Farm, but mum-in-law-to-be Georgia suggests it, and Priya insists she's OK with Alicia doing the planning.

You see, it's not just the wedding plans Alicia has to contend with... Priya also moves in with David and gets an engagement ring. So the wee madam is like a self-satisfied cat that got the cream.

In actual fact David starts to feel a bit rushed about everything, and is in no hurry to speed up his and Alicia's divorce.

To make things a bit fraught, he and Priya end up having a Valentine's meal with Alicia and Jacob because there are no spare tables at the B&B!

I wonder whose fault that is? Could the bold Val be in line for another severe dig in the bake?

Meanwhile Rachel is thrilled when she finds a Valentine's card tucked into Archie's pram just moments after sharing an awkward exchange with Sam at the bus stop. She assumes the card is from him, BUT IT'S NOT!

When Katie packs her bags and tells Declan she's leaving to find "some space", he knows the writing is on the wall for his marriage, so he heads to the pub. After a few pints he is as full as a bingo bus on a Friday night, and vents his spleen on big Aundy.

Of course Aundy is the stronger of the two, and he knocks Declan to the floor.

Believe it or not, a few days later the pair make their peace, but can Declan ever win Katie back?

Meanwhile, over in Weatherfield, or, should I say North Wales, Tyrone, Fiz, and their respective children are holed up in a B&B trying to evade the police, who want to arrest Ty for snatching Ruby.

Fiz and Tyrone are all over the press, and they get the sharp end of Chesney's tongue when Fiz gets round to phoning him. Although Chesney is delighted to hear from her, and to know that they're OK.

Chesney agrees to meet up with Fiz and brings the passports and some cash with him. But just as Fiz thinks they might be able to pull off their disappearing act, the boys in blue swoop.

So psycho Kirsty is reunited with Ruby, and Fiz and Tyrone are arrested on suspicion of child abduction.

Tyrone tells officers that Fiz had nothing to do with their kidnapping antics, but sadly he's charged with actual bodily harm and HMP Weatherfield becomes his new home!

Back on the cobbles Fiz tries to convince her neighbours that Ty is innocent, but no one is listening.

Wouldn't we just love to bang all their heads together?

To add to Fiz's woes Tyrone refuses to see her and sends a visiting order to Tina instead! So when Tina goes to see him, he asks her to tell Fiz to forget him and move on.

But will Fiz abandon her man in his hour of need? I don't think so!

Meanwhile, when a cagey Sylvia tells Roy she has an appointment in town, he decides to follow her, fearing that she is off to the doctors to discuss a serious illness.

It turns out that Sylvia does, indeed, have a problem - but not the kind Roy suspects.

He finds his mother being manhandled out of a casino, and, after a transatlantic phone call to Milton, learns she has lost everything through gambling!

Sylvia desperately needs to get some money back and, knowing what a clever boffin her son is, suggests he could study blackjack and come up with a formula to beat the casino.

With his faithful followers in tow (that is to say, Ken, Dennis, and of course, mother) Roy soon gets down to business and takes the dealer to the cleaners.

But can he get out with his winnings before he is rumbled?

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