Cold Feet

Published Monday, 01 October 2012
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The week begins in the Yorkshire Dales with Gabby claiming that Marlon has hit her...

So, Laurel is reluctant to send the child to school in case she repeats the accusation to her teacher.

Eventually Laurel agrees that Gabby can move into the Woolpack with Ashley and Diane.
Now that he has handed over the dosh, Cameron expects Carl to back off but, of course, Carl has other ideas and he threatens to tell Debbie about Cameron's affair.

Of course, this is not the end of Cameron's problems! Zak and Debbie spot the car that he sold from the garage and claim that it was stolen.

Priya admits to David that she has been trying to make him jealous, as if it wasn't obvious when she was flaunting all belonging to her every ten minutes!

Then Jai turns up at the hospital for Rachel's scan only to run into Nikhil and Gennie, with the face like a frying pan! While he is lying to them about his reasons for being there he misses the scan, which Rachel has to have without him.

Meanwhile Jai's father, Rishi, learns the truth but what will he do?

Jimmy tries to make up with Rodney but is absolutely furious to discover that Charity plans to offer the job to someone else for less money.

Chas and Dan return but Chas still has Carl on her back and she makes plans with Cameron to ROB the Woolpack.

However, after taking money from the till, they get an attack of cold feet and return it but not before Diane calls the police!

Cameron is questioned about the car which disappeared from the garage as well as events at the pub.

Chas begs Debbie to give Cameron an alibi , which she does, telling the police that he was with her all night.

Chas, meanwhile, is stunned when Carl says that he wants to be with her and that the two of them belong together.

And ould' Edna is absolutely disgusted by the way that Charity is driving a wedge between the King brothers.

Meanwhile over in Weatherfield........

Battered and bruised Tyrone tells Kirsty that he wants nothing more to do with her and, taking Ruby with him, leaves the house.
Fiz persuades him to return but when he get's there, he is in for a shock..... Kirsty has taken his name off the birth certificate and makes it resoundingly clear who will be calling the shots from now on.

When David notices that Maria seems distracted at work, he assumes that she is seeing someone behind Jason's back. Marcus begs her to tell him what the matter is and is shocked by her response.

Lloyd is torn between old flame Mandy and daughter Jenna when Mandy turns up unexpectedly at his flat. It is all too clear that Jenna wants nothing more to do with her mother.

Roy and Hayley head for their holiday in the sun, leaving Anna and Mary in charge of the café.
The pair are quick to launch a Spanish food night and when Nick notices bookings at the bistro melt away, Norris cannot resist telling him why.

Poor Maria is beside herself with worry that she might have breast cancer and Jason is hurt when she pushes him away.

Marcus is her tower of strength, but their increasing closeness leads them into unchartered waters.
At Ken's first governor's meeting, Brian is miffed when Ken and Wendy join forces to defeat one of his proposals.

Later, Ken lands himself in trouble with Deirdre when he stays out late and tries to use Brian as an alibi.

And statuesque Eileen is over the moon when she arrives home to a surprise party!

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