Chaotic times

Published Thursday, 25 July 2013
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In Emmerdale, totally unaware of what is going on between Cameron and the hard faced Debbie, poor Chas is getting more and more excited about her Las Vegas wedding!

As she encourages Cameron to make a trip to Jersey and tell the kids, she is surprised by his reluctance.

Gennie, who knows exactly what has been going on, decides that the time has come for Chas to know the truth!

Watching Cameron follow Debbie into her house, she hides - and records every word of their conversation - and she is stunned by what he has to tell.

Debbie is badly frightened and tries to escape, but Cameron blocks the way. He manages to talk her round and they leave to break the bad news to Chas, but then they see Gennie emerging from the house.

Realising that she has heard every word, they jump into the car and set off in pursui.

Gennie careers off the road and down a ravine, in a dramatic crash that sees her killed off!

Meanwhile, Victoria is finding out that living with Betty is not the most pleasant of experiences, and when she discovers that Adam has "done all" with Katie she flips her lid!

Nikhil wants to press ahead with buying the B&B, but insists on going through the small print before he commits-much to Val and Pollard's annoyance.

Moira puts her foot down in front of Rhona and Vanessa with her enquiries about Vanessa's druggy friend.

The Home Farm charity table football fundraiser for Brenda goes badly wrong when Kerry makes an absolute fool of herself and Dan accuses her of stealing the money raised.

It looks like they are well and truly finished as a couple- until Sean comes clean and tells the truth.

Even so, can she forgive him?

Meanwhile over in Weatherfield, Carla offers Hayley an unlikely source of comfort when her CT scan reveals that she has pancreatic cancer, and the doctor tells her that she will need surgery.

As Roy fusses around her Hayley begins to feel suffocated and becomes upset when news of her illness goes public.

Rob refuses to back down over his winnings, but Tracy devises an alternative plan to make Peter and Carla pay up, demanding use of the bookies for six months, rent free.

As Peter relents and the pair reveal their plans to open a cash converter shop, Peter realises that Carla is the main breadwinner in their relationship.

Carla shocks Michelle by inviting Peter to join them in the factory.

Meanwhile the bold David tampers with the Bistro's spirits before summoning trading standards officers, leaving Nick facing huge fines or even prison!

Owen tells Audrey that the crack in her wall may point to more serious problems.

Tim and Sally grow closer as he confides in her about the situation with Faye (666). Could they not send that wee girl off to some summer school project, or an exchange project with outer Mongolia, or something!

However, with Owen's threat still hanging over him, Tim decides to leave town. Of course Sally tries to talk him round!

Then Paul faces disciplinary action at work, and later directs his anger at "Saawfie" who immediately decides that enough is enough and vows to take definitive action.

Paul's attempts to resolve his feud with Lloyd backfire as he is accused of bullying Jenna.

And Garry and Izzy tell Tina that Jake will be coming home soon, and Tommy offers to take Tina off on holiday to escape the situation for a while!!

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Julian Simmons
Julian Simmons

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