Big Big Trouble

Published Monday, 11 March 2013
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This week in Emmerdale it looks as if Katie's beloved horse is destined to finish up in some ghastly supermarket's frozen lasagne...

This is after Vanessa the vet treats him, gives him the thumbs up and then is told that he's snuffed it!

Naturally Katie is livid and threatens to call her solicitor, prompting Paddy to go to Home Farm with Vanessa to apologise.

He actually does a very good job until he blurts out that Vanessa had a drink at her godmother's funeral before treating the horse!

Katie then decides that, indeed, she will only let the matter go if Vanessa is put out on her ear!

Of course Rhona wants Vanessa to stay because, after all, she is her best friend and the only vet who can actively work, given that Paddy is suspended and Rhona is crippled with back pain.

While talking to Vanessa, Paddy admits that he's worried about the state of his marriage and Vanessa plays go-between, urging Rhona to sort the relationship out!

Paddy is furious when he realises that Vanessa mentioned their "private" chat to Rhona and then begs the blonde to stay because he fears that Rhona will leave him if Vanessa doesn't remain with them.

This prompts Vanessa to turn marriage guidance counsellor and she locks the pair in the surgery, insisting they are not leaving until they have sorted things out.

So, Paddy agrees that Vanessa can stay and that they will face Katie together.

Katie accepts their decision but says she wants them to pay five grand to a horse charity.

But will Paddy cough up?

Meanwhile, Bob knows there is something up with Brenda but he gets the wrong end of the stick and thinks she's being off with him because she's fallen for his best mate Dan.

Dan and Brenda become close when he discovers the truth about her brain tumour. He sees her in The Woolpack after her hospital appointment and knocks her handbag over by accident, causing a bundle of medical leaflets about her condition to fall out.

Bob sees the pair in cahoots and wants to know what is going on but Brenda insists that Dan keeps schtum and feels obliged to respect her wishes - sending Bob's imagination into overdrive!
He continues putting two and two together and making five when Brenda askes for the afternoon off and refuses to say why.

And, when he sees Brenda and Dan hugging he loses it and pulls them apart, then locks himself in the cafe.

It's at this stage that Brenda, at long last, realises that she has to become clean!

But how will Bob react when he finds out the truth?

Meanwhile over in Weatherfield, Stella is forever "up them sturs" with a fella half her age who, as well as having a body like a Chippendale, isn't afraid of doing a hard day's graft!

So no wonder that Stella Price does not want craggy ould' Karl back!

But despite being told to sling his hook on several occasions, the wastrel is determined to win her over and takes further action to drive Stella and Jason apart.

As we know Karl has already set fire to Jason's van and has not been backward in letting Jason know that he did it!

Jason soon learns that his lack of wheels means that he's lost a lucrative contract from the council.

As he walks past Karl's parked car, he retaliates by smashing in the wing mirror. When karl confronts him, Jason denies having anything to do with it but Stella is no dozer, and she gives Jason the third degree.

But our Jason has a chance to get back in her good books when he discovers that a pipe is leaking in the cellar. He asks his sidekick, Tim, to fix it but when the big thicko makes a hash of things, Karl steps into the breach!

As he surveys the scene an idea strikes him and he redirects the flow of the water onto the fuse box causing a power failure - but it's Jason who gets it in the neck!

Later Karl steals a set of keys to the Rovers, but what exactly is he planning??

Will he be acting out the famous Prodigy song, I wonder???

Meanwhile, Chesney is all delighted when he proposes to Katy and she agrees to marry him, that is until he discovers that there is only one lad she's lusting after right now and, believe me, she wants to do more than make kebabs with him!

Big trouble is fast approaching!

Big! Big! Trouble!

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