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Published Monday, 12 May 2014
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Well! I don't know about the rest of yas! But I was quite pleased the learn that Emmerdale's bold Debbie Dingle is going to be left squirming this week.

When she overhears Ross telling Cain about how some woman threw herself at him the previous night!

Of course, this makes her as crabbed as get out! And she takes it all out on Pete, nearly taking his face off with the front door, and warning him to stay away from her and the kids.
Vanessa offers Pete a shoulder to cry on, and let's just say one thing leads to another "up them sturs"!

And while we are on the subject of "up them sturs" not far away Belle and randy Sean make the most of having the house to themselves- until Dan and Kerry arrive home unexpectedly!

Meanwhile Priya calls David to fetch her from the clinic and DUH! Alicia realises that she is still in love with him.

Chas is horrified when Charity tells her that she has booked herself in for a termination and tries to make her see sense.

When Charity gets a call to tell her the wedding CANNOT TAKE PLACE because of asbestos in the building, Chas urges her to see it as a sign and cancel the whole darn thing!

However! Ignoring everyone's warnings, Charity goes ahead with her marriage to Declan, but it is a real low key affair at Home Farm with just Megan, Robbie, Noah and the registrar in attendance!

That is until the fire alarm brings a halt to the proceedings.

Charity is quick to realise who the saboteur is, and proceeds to attempt to bust Megan's bake!!
Meanwhile, at the OTHER wedding, between Moira and Cain, there is a far bigger crowd and even more drama!!!

Chas asks if she can bring James and Moira reluctantly agrees, but she is terrified that he will wreck the whole proceedings, now that he has proof that Adam is his son!

As the registrar asks if anyone knows of any lawful impediment THEIR EYES LOCK!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile over in Weatherfield, Tina tells Steph that she is having an affair with Peter but makes her promise not to tell anyone!

Despite knowing that Carla is having her first scan, Peter seeks escape through the bottle. (So much for rehab!!)

Tina accompanies him to a hotel bar, where they almost get caught by Rob. Tina spots Tony loading his dodgy gear into Rob and Tracy's shop, and a suspicious Rob later finds Tina and Rob deep in conversation.

Carla leaves Peter under Tracy's care, but he gets plastered and shocks both Carla AND Tina with his aggressive behaviour.

Meanwhile a shamefaced Izzy returns to work under the glare of the other nicker stitchers!
With no further option, Owen sells the builders yard to Tony. Feeling a failure as he struggles to find work, Owen tells Anna that they may need to sell the house.
Beth departs for Latvia for her breast enhancement surgery.

Maria (the bunny boiler!) is secretly pleased when Tyrone attacks Todd in her defence.

Upset that Fiz and Tyrone are planning a holiday together, Maria sends Tyrone another text posing as Kirsty, leading him to smash up his phone.

As Maria admits her feelings for Tyrone to Audrey, Fiz pays a wee visit to Kirsty's mother.
Audrey later tells a stunned Fiz about Maria's confession. While in the park, Maria unsuccessfully attempts to come clean to Tyrone.

The bold Todd persuades Marcus to give their relationship a chance, but statuesque Eileen nearly has a canary when they emerge from upstairs with Todd suggesting that Marcus move in with them!!!

So fed up with people treating her home like a hotel, Eileen kicks everybody out!!!!!!!
And wait till you hear THIS!!!!

Dev and Sharif employ Gail and Katy as part-time receptionists at the gym! God help us all!!
What good would those two be if somebody bursts a gasket on the cross-trainer???

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