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Published Monday, 28 April 2014
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As the week begins in Emmerdale Sean shocks Chas with news of Belle's pregnancy plan.

After which Chas and Lisa try to reason with her, but when her trial date is brought forward, she and Sean manage to find some time to be alone! (I'm sure that he's "all on" for this!).

However Ali and Dan catch Sean and Belle "doing all, up them sturs" and they decide that Sean should go and live with his uncle, in a bid to keep them apart.

As she browses wedding dresses, Charity bumps into Cain who is actually shopping for his own wedding outfit, and they soon discover that their nuptials are scheduled for the same day!!

Meanwhile ding-bat Bernice decides to give "Aundy" a "free" massage in return for his help in setting up the salon. As she kneads, and pummels all round, and in between, his muscular body parts, the pair finish up sharing a moment of passion! However Bernice informs "Aundy" that it was all just a one-off, despite their obvious attraction.

Laurel is envious of Donna and April as they demand Marlon's attention more and more.

Donna struggles to find the right moment to tell Marlon about her condition, but when Rhona sees her visiting the oncology department, the truth about her awful illness is soon revealed. Rhona promises to keep Donna's secret until Marlon can develop a good relationship with April.

The bold Debbie keeps an oblivious and rampant Pete at arm's length while she awaits her police check result, so Ross seizes another opportunity to plant the seeds of doubt in Pete's mind.

Delivery man Tiny decides to try his luck with Val now that she is single! She actually agrees to a date but does her best to hide her HIV status from him.

Kerry put's pressure on Dan to get married, but he seems hesitant to discuss the matter and explains to Bob that he refuses to be bullied into anything.

Alicia lends Leyla her car but is left fuming when it is stolen!!

Meanwhile, over in Weatherfield, Fiz grows jealous of Maria when she discovers that Tyrone has been confiding in her about Kirsty.

Of course, secretly pleased, Maria assures Fiz that there is nothing going on with Tyrone, but Fiz becomes even more suspicious when she catches them in an embrace in the Rovers.

When Marcus returns from London, Tyrone is forced to drag a hysterical Maria away from him.

Leanne considers Nick's suggestion of a family holiday with wee Simon, but Kal is left confused and takes his frustration out on Nick, pushing him too hard during a training session.

After an awkward meal with Nick and Leanne, Kal decides that enough is enough and confronts Leanne in her flat, where finally, legs are flung over the head, and pliers are needed in the morning to prize Leanne's toenails out of the headboard.

However once the toenails are removed they both feel a wave of guilt, and they decide to end their affair!

Kevin gives Maddie another chance and offers her a job in the garage. Maddie is devastated when her social worker informs her that her younger brother Ben is being moved to Devon.

After Maddie snatches Ben and runs away, Sophie pleads with her not to make matters worse but the police catch up with them and arrest both girls!

Sinead is upset when Chesney buys her a revealing dress (Oh! Chesney!) and her self-consciousness is worsened when she sees Katy in the same outfit, leading her to get as full as a bingo bus on a Friday night, and cause a scene!

Steve talks Dev into doing the charity run with him, determined to beat Lloyd!

And, at long last, Tim tires of "Selly's" neurotic behaviour, and tells her he is going to stay at a friend's place!

About time too!!!!!!

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