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Published Tuesday, 17 December 2013
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The X Factor has ended for another year but the 10th series has left us with fond memories and a reminder of why it is the ultimate Saturday night entertainment.

These are some of my more memorable moments:

He's only 16!!!!

Every week Louis, every week!

Nicholas McDonald was a firm favourite from the very beginning as the younger audience thought he was hot stuff and the older generation thought the "baby Buble" was adorable. But no matter what viewers thought of the young Scot, we were not to forget that he was only 16!

Week after week, the Judges (apart from Gary, because he is too cool for that) repeated the now infamous phrase in an attempt to get the audience to see how talented he is for such a young age.

We got it by Week Two of the live shows, thank you.

Remember when Nicholas turned 17? Good times....


"Ready-made pop star" Tamera Foster had the potential to be huge but she had a slight problem with huge consequences - she couldn't remember the lyrics to her chosen song.

Audiences first witnessed what was later dubbed "Tamnesia" at her arena audition and she continued to experience the memory blanks during crucial moments in the live shows which eventually led to her exit.

It was a shame, but let's be honest, we could hear the sound of Simon Cowell's inner bank balance all the way from the U.S - Tamera will be fine.


The return of Sharon Osbourne was much anticipated and worth the wait as we remembered why we love her.

Her no-nonsense attitude and just all round general craic made her presence on the judging panel entirely enjoyable and even when she was bordering on Pantomime queen; audiences could not help but declare their love for Mrs O.

The Judges panel for next year is, as always, unknown but if I'm gonna hope for one return it will be for Sharon Osbourne. Sorry Gary.....

Sam Callahan carries on

Not since Rylan have we seen a contestant take on the bitter truth from Gary Barlow. Sam Callahan did it like a champion.

Week after week he stood on stage and listened to Gary's somewhat mean, but let's face it truthful, critique and did so with a respectful decency.

This is why viewers loved him and kept him in the competition for so long. It definitely wasn't for his voice!

Miley wears clothes shocker!

In the aftermath of weeks of controversy Miley Cyrus was set to perform on the X Factor stage and we all sat with our fingers poised over our social media pages ready to comment and be outraged/awed - depending on our mood.

But then nothing.

Miley wore a nice dress. Miley sang a nice song. Well that's that then.

At least there's Lady GaGa.

Ker-razy Nicole

Nicole Scherzinger cemented her reputation as the crazy Judge from the moment she first sat at the panel desk and for this series she stayed true to form.

Not happy with simply commenting "yeah, that was really good. Well done." Nicole's one liners included: "I just wanna go paddling with you on a boat and have you sing to me" and ""You have the voice of an angel with butter wings."

That's great Nicole... time for nap naps.

The legend Louis

As the only Judge to survive for ten years on The X Factor, Louis Walsh deserves the title of legend.

Our respect should be offered, if not for his longevity, but for his ability to say the same thing every week and still have people love him.

Let's all take a moment to imagine The X Factor without Louis fantastic comments, which include: "You remind me of a young (insert ridiculous comparison here)", "You deserve a recording contract", "You deserve to be in the final" and "You're in the final!" (Cheers for that one Captain Obvious!)

Show-stopping duet

Some felt Nicole stole Sam Bailey's moment when they performed Jennifer Hudson's And I'm Telling You during the final.

But that aside, it was a pretty amazing duet and I'm going to say what we are all thinking..... It was better than Beyonce and Alexandra.

You heard me...

Musical chairs

Boootcamp has never been so dramatic! Well that's a lie... but the inclusion of the chairs this year added an extra splash of suspense to proceeding so credit where credit is due - they did good.

It was the anticipation of not only finding out whether or not one act would get through to Judges Houses' but also whether or not their place would be safe. Not to mention the added drama of an act getting through but having to take someone else's place to do so. Awkward!

The X Factor has been introducing changes to the format for years and not many have stuck - this one sticks.

Sam Bailey

The winner of The X Factor 2013 made this series memorable simply by being a deserving and talented winner.

When she sang at her first audition the internet went crazy with love for Sam and she continued to be the audience's favourite when it was apparent that she really was just the normal everyday person who wanted to sing.

While some could argue the viewer's love for Sam meant a lack of surprise when it came to the final, there is no arguing that Sam is exactly what the X Factor is all about (I may have stole that line off Louis).

Until next year X Factor!

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Ann in ANTRIM wrote (117 days ago):
Like you I love the xfactor however I was extremely disappointed this year at Gary Barlows behaviour towards wee Nicky McDonald in the final , his behaviour has showed a very unprofessional side of him pity he couldn't sing like wee Nicky.As for Louis what's new he has always been very fickle.However good luck to Sam she deserved to win.
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