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Published Friday, 22 February 2013
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One of the big hits from last year's Sundance Film Festival, Robot & Frank offers a sci-fi twist on the crime caper as a retired burglar gets an unlikely new partner.

Much-loved actor Frank Langella plays Frank, an irritable retiree, and ex-jewel thief, whose wife and children have long since gone.

Since he is alone and barely able to manage, his absent children (James Marsden and Liv Tyler) decide to buy him a robot - one that walks, talks, cooks and tries to civilise its cantankerous master.

Welcome to Film Club! There's only one thing better than watching a great film and that's talking about it. So, if you love the cinema, like to chat before and after but never during the film, then I hope to see you at our new monthly meetings at QFT.

This is an invitation to movie fans everywhere to come together, see something different every month, meet new people and become part of our exciting new Film Club. Our first Film Club presentation is Robot & Frank, which was the unexpected hit of last year’s Sundance Film Festival.

This heartfelt buddy movie with a sci-fi twist stars Frank Langella as a retired jewel thief and Peter Sarsgaard as his robot butler.

Brian Henry Martin

Immediately suspicious of his new companion, Frank's sulky protestations soon turn conspiratorial when he realises that the robot's skills can be useful for more than just the housework.

Frank's crush on the local librarian (Susan Sarandon) turns protective when a wealthy local developer threatens to acquire their beloved library. The old cat-burglar and his shiny new companion (superbly voiced by Peter Skarsgaard) hatch a cunning revenge plan.

Set in bucolic upstate New York, in a 'near future' that bears a remarkable resemblance to 'now' (with a few glossy technological improvements), Jake Schreier's wholly inventive riff on odd-couple comedy is also a poignant mediation on ageing and loneliness, beautifully played by a sparkling cast.

The Film Club launches on Tuesday 19 March 2013, with a screening of Robot & Frank and will continue to screen films exclusive to QFT each month.

Robot & Frank, Cert: 12a - Tuesday 19 March, 6.30pm.

Dir: Jake Schreier - USA - 2012 - 1 hr 29 mins - Comedy/Crime/Drama - Cast: Frank Langella, Peter Sarsgaard, Susan Sarandon

Whether you've already seen Robot & Frank or you're going to join us at the screening, share your opinion on the film with Brian and others in the comments below.

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Film Club
Film Club

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