East Belfast couple 70 years married

Davey and Sally Hanna on their wedding day 70 years ago.

An east Belfast husband and wife are celebrating 70 years of marriage.

Monday, 17 December 2012
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Davey and Sally Hanna, who are parents to four grown up daughters, told UTV that despite many ups and downs along the years they never once thought of leaving each other.

A bit of a joker, Davey provided many a laugh in their decades of matrimony while his wife admitted to being a bit shy and backward when they first met.

Sally celebrates her 88th birthday on Monday -the same day as their very special anniversary.

The couple laughed as they recalled she was "only a girl" on their wedding day in 1942 at Donegall Road Methodist Church.

Her husband said: "I remember seeing Sally for the first time. She was in the choir, a ladies choir, and she was standing among a lot of girls - about 15 or 20."

Davey was in the church congregation when he picked her out as the prettiest of them all - then wondered how he could get in touch with her.

When they both happened to attend another church meeting, he offered to leave Sally home.

"And that was the beginning," he said.

We've had a wonderful time.

Sally Hanna

"My belief is, and always has been, that in our case, it wasn't just a notion I took to marry Sally. I really had my mind made up and as the years went on, I grew to love her more," Davey told UTV.

"There was no time in my life I would have ever considered a divorce."

The couple are committed Christians and believe their devotion to God has been the key to their happy marriage.

Davey said: "There's never been any bereavements, any serious illness in our family and of course, we give God all the glory for that, too."

He continued saying that they had no bad habits and spent their time looking after themselves.

"[I was] never a drinker, a one time heavy smoker, never a gambler. I thank God every day for what He has done for us.

"Memories...I've so many memories, it's so hard to put my mind on one."

The devoted husband has even penned a love song dedicated to his wife, which he plays on the piano.

Entitled Sally, its namesake says: "It's terrific."