Antrim bull Archie is world's shortest

Archie the Antrim bull.

Standing at just 30 inches high from hoof to withers, Archie the Co Antrim bull has been named the world's shortest by the Guinness Book of Records.

Thursday, 13 September 2012
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Archie, who is owned by 15-year-old Ryan Lavery, is at least 12 inches shorter than average for his breed.

The tiny Dexter bull was bought at five months old and was originally destined for the beef market, but Ryan decided to keep him as a pet after Archie stopped growing.

"I knew Archie was small, but I never thought he was that small!" Ryan explained.

"He was originally destined for beef, whereas by Christmas time he hadn't grown much and we became so fond of him that we decided to keep him.

"It's just brilliant and amazing to have him as a Guinness World Record holder."

To put Archie's height into context, he is at least an inch smaller than the average height of the world's smallest breed of cow, the Indian Vechur.

His parents are both Dexter cows too, however his brothers and sisters are far larger than him.

But his short stature doesn't mean Archie can be bullied on the farm...

"Archie, even though he's small, thinks he's the biggest cow in the herd and he'll grunt and he'll roar at the rest of them - he doesn't know he's small," Ryan continued.

"Archie's generally okay around other farm animals, like horses and goats. However he can have temperamental little mood swings, and if he doesn't want to play ball, he will not play ball."

Ryan said Archie will spend his days as their family pet.