Teenager shot in west Belfast

Police investigating the shooting in Whitecliff Parade.

A teenager has been shot as he lay in his bed at his west Belfast home during an attack described by his aunt as "horrific".

Thursday, 29 November 2012
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The 16-year-old was shot twice in the leg by masked men who pushed their way into the Ballymurphy property shortly after 9.30am on Thursday.

Two members of the gang held his mother at gunpoint as they searched through rooms in the house in the Whitecliff Parade area, looking for her son.

"They held her and she started to scream," explained the victim's aunt, Bernadette O'Rawe. "She was shouting and screaming at them in a panic."

A third bullet fired at the teenager missed, and as the gang made their way out of his home they fired once more through the kitchen window.

It is understood Ryan, who is in stable condition in hospital, is the son of Gerard Devlin, the west Belfast man who was stabbed to death in 2006 during a neighbourhood feud.

"It was a savage attack on the child... I wonder where we are and why we are going. It was a shocking incident."

Mrs O'Rawe condemned those who attacked her nephew.

"Who are these people to take the law into their own hands for whatever reason? Whatever reason they think they've in their heads they don't have a right to shoot Ryan or any children," she said.