Police 'forced from their homes'

Police officers in Fermanagh have been forced from their homes because of the dissident threat, a local MLA has claimed.

Published 10/01/2013 12:00

Tom Elliott of the Ulster Unionist Party said up to four members of the PSNI have been relocated in recent months, including a female officer who had to leave her Enniskillen home just weeks before Christmas.

"It's a very worrying trend when people can't carry out their job and their role without being forced from their homes," said Mr Elliott.

"For many years during the Troubles police officers and other members of the security services lived under a constant threat.

"We thought we had moved away from that to a more peaceful society in Northern Ireland but obviously we are getting back into a situation where those police officers feel threatened," said the Assembly Member for Fermanagh.

"They feel threatened on duty and now even off duty, so much so that they can't remain in their own homes.

"This is not just about moving house, this is about moving home," he added.

The claims follow the attempted murder of an off-duty police officer in east Belfast last month. A bomb was placed under his car which was parked outside his Upper Newtownards Road home.

The device was discovered when the officer, his wife and two young children were on their way out for Sunday lunch.

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