Hoax device thrown at PSNI in disorder

A security alert was declared after a suspect device was thrown at a PSNI vehicle during trouble in Newtownabbey on Friday night.

Published 25/01/2013 12:00

Police came under attack shortly after 7.30pm, while in attendance at a loyalist flag protest in the Cloughfern Avenue area.

Army bomb experts were tasked to the scene.

"The object was examined and later declared a hoax. There are no reports of any arrests or injuries at this time," a police spokesperson said.

Police confirmed that up to 12 petrol bombs were thrown at officers during the disorder.

A further 19 petrol bombs were seized by riot police and taken away for forensic examination.

Paint bombs, bottles and stones were also used to attack the police.

Around 20 flag demonstrations were held across Northern Ireland on Friday night as part of the campaign dubbed Operation Standstill.

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