New Year resolution raises Africa funds

While most of us struggle to even keep our New Year's resolutions, one Northern Ireland woman definitely did last year - and raised thousands to help those living in poverty in Africa along the way.

Published 02/01/2013 12:00

As Belfast woman Sue Tate rang in the 2012 New Year, she'd already decided on her resolution. She would walk four miles every day, come rain or shine, for the whole year.

And, although many of us start out in January with the best of intentions, her motivation wasn't just keeping fit but raising vital funds for local charity Fields of Life.

With such a good cause in mind, and the sponsorship of friends and family under her belt, Sue stuck to her resolution and - 12 months and two pairs of hiking boots later - has now raised over £5,000.

My aim was to walk, as the crow flies, to northern Uganda. I haven't got that far, so I think I'm probably going to keep going until I get there.

Sue Tate

"Sometimes it's been difficult to fit it in, in a busy day," Sue told UTV.

"So it could be 6.30 in the morning or 11 o'clock at night. But I've been very blessed with good health this year, maybe it's because of this ...

"There have been very few days I've said I don't want to do this."

The inspiration behind Sue's challenge was the fact that many families in Africa have to walk at least four miles every day just to get water.

The amount of money raised by her daily walks around the Lagan towpath is enough to sink a well to provide a fresh water supply for those in need.

And Sue's family and friends are hugely proud of what she has achieved.

"Once she puts her mind to something, she just sees it through," her husband John said.

While Sue isn't hanging up her walking boots just yet, a future challenge involving a cycle around Ireland could be in the pipeline.

So if you haven't made your resolutions for this year yet - or if you've maybe even broken them already - you'll have a long way to go to top Sue. About 1,460 miles in fact!

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