Isobel Love closure hits 15 weddings

Julie Andrews told UTV she feels cheated.

Fifteen brides have been left with their wedding plans in disarray following the closure of Isobel Love Bridal.

Friday, 09 November 2012
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The business had been trading for over 20 years with premises in Lisburn and later in Moira, but was wound up at Belfast High Court last month.

Planning the biggest day of her life has now turned into a nightmare for one Ballymena bride.

Julie Andrews placed orders for three bridesmaid dresses with the company in July and September, ahead of her wedding in March.

She has been looking forward to delivery of the dresses before Christmas but on Monday Julie opened a letter stating the company had gone into administration and would not be providing her bridesmaid dresses.

Julie told UTV she feels cheated.

"The letter is very frank," she said.

"It is more or less saying we took your money, no chance of getting it back, here's the suppliers of your dresses we don't know if you will get them or not.

"That's what the letter more or less says and then at the end of the letter they just say we wish you all the best for your big day.

"I think it's ... I don't know, I just laughed because I thought how can you wish someone the best for their big day? We've took money off you and haven't fulfilled your order and haven't even a notion of fulfilling it and just go on ahead and have a nice day."

In a statement the Insolvency Service said that if customers are owed money they could "submit a claim" to them but that on present information "a dividend will not be payable".

Julie has now placed an urgent order with a local bridal shop. She is hopeful the bridesmaid dresses she dreams of will arrive in time for the big day.