Ex-RUC officer stands trial for murder

Pauline Haveron was found dead in her Ballyclare home.

A 58-year-old former RUC officer has gone on trial for the murder of his estranged wife who was found dead in her Ballyclare home just over two years ago.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012
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Joseph Alfred Haveron, from Farm Lodge Grove in Geenisland, who left the RUC almost a decade ago, denies murdering mum-of-four Pauline Haveron, on April 18 2010, who was having an affair with a lover 25 years her junior.

The 53-year-old nurse, was found strangled in a bath at her Huntingdale Green home.

Mrs Haveron's body was found lying face down in a pool of water at her Huntingdale Green, Ballyclare, had not been drowned but was strangled.

On Wednesday Prosecution QC Liam McCollum told Belfast Crown Court that Haveron and his ex-wife were in the final stages of a protracted and acrimonious divorce in which he had already paid Mrs Haveron £150,000 and would have to hand over a quarter of his police pension as well.

However, Mr McCollum claimed that in addition to his wife's affair, he was motivated by jealousy and that all the evidence pointed to the guilt of the former police sergeant.

At hearing.