Two attacks on Orange Halls

Police have asked anyone with information to contact them.

An Orange Hall in Coleraine has been sprayed with graffiti a day after a separate attack in Glenavy.

Thursday, 29 November 2012
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Loughanreagh Orange Hall in the Newmills Road area of Coleraine, Co Londonderry, was daubed with republican graffiti overnight.

Deputy District Master of Coleraine District No 2, George Duddy has condemned the actions of those responsible.

"This is the first time Loughanreagh has ever been subjected to such sectarian hatred and we are just bemused as to why the property was targeted," he said.

"The hall is located in a predominantly loyalist area but caters for all of the community in Coleraine. Indeed, members of a cross-community bowling club use the facilities on a regular basis."

"It is clear those that engage in such activities have no respect or tolerance for a differing viewpoint."

It follows an attempted arson attack to Fourscore Orange Hall overnight on Tuesday in the Garlandstown Road area of Glenavy, Co Antrim.

It is believed a gate was stolen and used as a ladder to access the roof where an attempt to set the roof alight was made.

There seems to be an orchestrated campaign to cause tension, fear and promote hatred in a small area.

Thomas Burns, Antrim SDLP councillor

SDLP Antrim Councillor Thomas Burns condemned the attack, which he says is the latest in a line of similar incidents in the area.

"Unfortunately, it seems to me to be too much of a coincidence that this comes after a similar attack on another Orange Hall in Glenavy and the paint-bombing of the Cenotaph in Glenavy a few weeks ago," he said.

"This does nothing to help community relations in the area, but I'm glad, speaking to many people right across the community this morning, that people realise this is not the manifestation of the beliefs of a large group of people but rather the manifestation of narrow-minded individuals that have nothing positive to offer their families, their neighbours of community at large."

Anyone with information on the attacks is asked to contact PSNI.