Newtownabbey alerts declared hoaxes

Two suspicious objects found in Newtownabbey have been declared hoaxes.

Published 16/02/2013 12:00

One item was uncovered behind a Tesco store at Cloughfern Corner during a security alert in the area on Friday evening.

The area was closed off to the public while army bomb experts attended the scene.

It reopened to the public at around 1.40am on Saturday.

Meanwhile, a second suspicious object was found in a phone box in the O'Neill's Road area.

Residents were evacuated from their homes, while army bomb experts examined the item. It was also declared a hoax.

The road was reopened at 11pm on Friday.

"Police would strongly advise that if anyone notices any suspicious object that they leave it alone and do not pick it up," said a PSNI spokesman earlier.

Local DUP MLA Councillor Paula Bradley said the alerts had caused massive disruption to residents in the area.

"Cloughfern corner, which is a major junction, has been closed to traffic since late afternoon, which has caused huge disruption to many people's plans and loss of trade for local businesses.

"Apart from all the disruption this security alert has caused great anxiety to many people," the North Befast MLA added.

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