'Surprised' Limahl voted out of jungle

Limahl was voted off on Thursday.

Limahl seemed shocked to be voted off I'm A Celebrity on Thursday, asking hosts Ant and Dec: "Where was the gay vote?"

Thursday, 22 November 2012
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The 80s singing sensation, who arrived late in the jungle alongside chef Rosemary Shrager, lasted just eight days before being eliminated in the second public poll.

"It's a complete surprise," he said. "Where was the gay vote?"

Asked about his time on the show, Limahl said it was challenging at times with so many big personalities among the campmates.

He said: "It's really a test. You're away from home comforts and loved ones and then there's the test of the other personalities - that was the biggest test."

Limahl's exit follows that of MP Nadine Dorries on Wednesday.

Earlier the popstar had admitted in the Bush Telegraph he's been feeling "isolated" from his fellow celebs.

"I'm a bit upset this morning, no-one's talking to me," he said. "I feel a bit isolated. I'm happy person. What happens is you start doubting yourself. Your self-confidence goes down.

"You think there's something wrong with me, I don't fit in. The thought of going through 10 days, being here and not having any friends it's quite tough. "

Helen offered some words of advice, saying: "I don't think people think you get involved as much. Just stay with me I'll make sure you get really involved with stuff."

She later told the camp how Limahl was feeling.

David responded: "Left out from what? We haven't done anything together."

Hugo said: "He's a man in his fifties he should have enough life experience to learn how to fit in. We're not a threatening unwelcoming group."

The latest Bushtucker Trial - entitled Terror Train - was tackled by Ashely, who nominated herself after Charlie, Rosemary and Helen admitted that they did not want to do it.

Ashley had to search three compartments of the train to collect stars by rooting through dead fish, rotting meat and a host of jungle critters.

The final area was blacked out and full of spiders and cobwebs - but she passed through and left the train groaning but on time with eight stars.

"I did good," she exclaimed. "I'm pleased - the snakes were terrible, the goo, the textures, darkness, cockroaches - I might rest for a few days now!"