Jack Osbourne in bid to halt MS disease

Jack Osbourne has signed on for controversial stem cell research treatment in Germany in a bid to halt his multiple sclerosis and help doctors find a cure.

Published 08/02/2013 12:00

The reality TV star will be jetting off to Europe from his home in Los Angeles to have pioneering bloodwork done that he hopes will help him battle the neurological condition.

Osbourne, who went public about his health crisis last summer, told US news show Access Hollywood Live: "I'm doing some stem cell treatments... I have to go to another country to have it because there are odd restrictions here [in America] because everybody still thinks it's, like, what it isn't, so I'm going to Germany in a couple of weeks and getting some stuff done.

"They [doctors] clone stem cells from your own blood and then they just inject them back into you... Hopefully it will repair any damaged cells and nerves."

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