Kung fu Baby v Dragon

Young Romeo prepares for battle

The son of a Canadian filmmaker has endured a brave fight against a dragon, showing some unbelievable Kung fu skills in the process, as part of his dad's latest web short.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012
  • entertainment

The filmmaker in question, Patrick Boivin, is well known for his short films and animations online, with his YouTube channel having amassed over 188m video views to date.

Having previously featured his daughter Marguerite in his viral short 'Iron Baby' (which achieved over 16m views), it was now time for her little brother Romeo to become the star.

And with more than 21m views in its first 12 days online, Romeo's turn in Dragon Baby has already made him a global sensation.

The video combines live action shots of Romeo and his dragon nemesis blended with CGI to create the very convincing illusion of a high-kicking ninja toddler.

The dragon didn't stand a chance...