Little house lots of heart

An unassuming little house on the side of a busy road takes centre stage for this week's programme.

Monday, 14 January 2013
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  • entertainment

Situated in the little village of Bendooragh in Ballymoney countless cars zoom past and barely give it a second glance - but they should...

Admittedly, when I pulled up in the car for the first day of filming I found it difficult to imagine that this humble little dwelling could be of any historical importance.

However, over the coming weeks I began to find out about some of the people who lived here and together with this week's experts we began to piece together an idea of what their lives were like.

It was lovely to breathe a little life back into the cottage and I have to admit that I became quite attached to this unassuming little house.

The dwelling is of course of great interest historically and is one of the few houses in Ulster that date back to the 1600s.

Originally occupied by some of the earliest Scottish settlers to visit the province the house is living breathing testimony to the lives of the families who lived here.

Walking around the house with Cormac McSparron you can easily imagine the original occupants and the lives they led.

But behind this scene of domestic tranquillity lay a bloody history as Bendooragh was also the scene of a great battle in 1642. Famous as the first recorded use of the 'highland charge' it resulted in dreadful loss of life.

And this is definitely this week's wow factor. Using grand scale computer imagery the team manage to recreate the scene of Bendooragh's bloodiest battle..... A site to behold.

Hope you enjoy.