True nature

Up in the Yorkshire Dales when Charity has a go at Cain for letting Cameron off the hook so easily, he tells her darkly that he has not finished with him yet...

Monday, 19 November 2012
  • Coronation Street
  • Emmerdale

Indeed, further retribution will be forthcoming!!

Charity is also making life for Rodney and Edna unbearable, until Jimmy drops his bombshell, telling her that he is NOT selling the business after all!

Fuming, Charity storms out, promising that she WILL get her own way!

Turner has been kept awake all night by Victoria and Jason's banging headboard and dreads what they might get up to while Betty is away!

There is a big shock for Diane when the bold Bernice returns to the village, while Ashley wonders how long she will be staying and cannot believe that it is her maternal instincts that have brought her back!

Nicola, meanwhile, is not at all impressed to see her sister again. Sure enough, Bernice announces that she has come back to Emmerdale because her marriage is over, but seems to be hiding something!

Paddy's nose is put out of joint as new vet Brett seems to be doing really well and proves to be popular with the villagers- especially Edna.

And there is a really chilly atmosphere at Home Farm between Katie and Declan, which develops into a full scale row when she overhears him confiding in Nikil.

So! Demanding some answers, she pushes Declan across the fields on a quad bike, with DISASTROUS consequences!

Meanwhile, over in Weatherfield..................

Still feeling bruised by Rob's betrayal, Eva tells the knicker stitcher what a two timing rat he is.

Buoyed up by Nick's support, she hatches a plot to split him and Leanne up and take him for herself.

Kylie proves a willing ally and suggests that Nick propose to Leanne but such a plan could easily backfire.

Meanwhile Kirsty is getting paranoid about Tyrone's involvement with the young mothers in the baby group, and when she discovers a text message on his phone her blood starts to boil.

Tyrone seeks comfort from Fiz but Kirsty is out of control and sabotages Fiz's sewing machine at the knicker factory.

Finally understanding Kirsty's true nature, Fiz urges Tyrone to take Ruby and leave Kirsty before it is too late. Frustrated that no one believes her, Fiz calls the police but how Kirsty will react when they arrive at the knicker factory is anyone's guess!

David enjoys his evening looking after Max and allows the praises of Gail and Kylie to go to his head.

As Sawwfie continues to practice on crutches, Jenna pushes her hard but a bond is clearly developing between the two of them.

Will BOTH of them be wearing more comfortable shoes???

Then Sawwfie is released from hospital and Ryan is relieved to see her back...