Belfast Giants to represent GB in Europe

Published Thursday, 18 October 2012
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Reigning Elite League champions, the Belfast Giants, are set to represent Great Britain when they travel to Germany for the Continental Cup this weekend.

Belfast Giants to represent GB in Europe
Belfast Giants coach Doug Christiansen. (© Michael Cooper)

The Belfast side haven't competed in Europe in nine years, but they've got high hopes for their return to that stage.

Head coach Doug Christiansen is aware his side are facing tough opposition though.

The Giants open their campaign against Dutch side Geleen Smoke Eaters at 4pm local time on Friday.

"We've taken a look at the environment we're going to play in - it's going to be loud, it's going to be crazy," Christiansen told UTV.

It's going to be fantastic - it's going to be like a soccer game ...

Doug Christiansen, Belfast Giants

While the Belfast side are hoping to bring home the trophy, they won't be distracted from their league campaign by their European adventure.

"We're not going to view it as a challenge, we are going to view it as a great opportunity for this club to represent our league and this organisation internationally," Christiansen added.

"We're going to take this as far as we can."

The second round of the Continental Cup is held between 19-21 October, with the Group B games to be played in Landshut in Germany.

The Belfast Giants are joined in Group B by first opponents Geleen, Germany's Landshut Cannibals and Romanian side HSC Csíkszereda.

© UTV News
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Realist in England wrote (828 days ago):
WTF - I have never studied sociology in my life, nor did I study history at uni. Furthermore, I doubt that my third level education cost you anything. Neill (and others) - your term is not a natural political term in English. 100 years ago the term referred to all of Great Britain and all of Ireland. Now it refers to all of Great Britain and part of Ireland. If Scotland votes for independence, then it will change its meaning again. Prior to 1801 it did not include Ireland. Prior to 1707 (I think) it did not exist at all. My argument is twofold. Firstly, the term is not applicable as Great Britain, used in isolation, has a precise geographical meaning that does not include any part of Ireland. Secondly, the term itself is transient - island nation states like Ireland, Iceland, etc. will retain the same meaning until plate tectonics dictate that they merge with somewhere else/sink/etc. History implies that your supra-national entity will be a flash in the pan that will ultimately go the same way as your empire and multiple other non-island countries/empires before it (and it is not necessary to have read for the history tripos to be able to make that inductive inference).
Nick Kent in Belfast wrote (828 days ago):
All this does is demonstrate the identity crisis which exists here. No matter what some of the posters above wish the state of N.I. is not, never has been & never will be 'as British as Finchley'. WTF, Darren Gibson can represent whichever team on the island he wishes precisely because N.I. is not Britain.
WTF in Ards wrote (829 days ago):
@ John.....bit like Darren Gibson representing the the Republic when Londonderry is not in the Republic then isn't it. Ah, but that's different.....@ Realist. ????????????? You have far far too much time on your hands. All those years at Oxbridge studying sociology were sadly wasted at mine and other tax payers expense....get a life. PS the 'politico-tectonic' event happened in 1922????? When Northern Ireland fused with the rest of the UK. You didn't second in history did you.
Neill in Belfast wrote (829 days ago):
Britain = big island Island defined as 'land surrounded by water' I know Scotland can be rather wet sometimes but I believe it is still above sea level. I think the word your looking for is UK, that's why the British Olympic Committee allow those from NI to represent Team GB and why Team GB can have a football team that only has players from Britain.
Danny in Ulster wrote (829 days ago):
It makes no difference whether it is a Scottish team representing GB for excample, or a team from Northern Ireland as we are all part of the United Kingdom. Thanks for your comments Realist in England, reading them saved me needing any bedtime reading and im nodding off now, so good night.
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