Unionists 'dance to tune of extremists'

Published Tuesday, 14 January 2014
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The leaders of the five Executive parties met at Stormont on Tuesday afternoon to discuss the fallout from the Haass process.

Unionists 'dance to tune of extremists'
Martin McGuinness made the comments after Tuesday's talks. (© Pacemaker)

It comes after a debate the previous day during which MLAs voted against a Sinn Féin motion accepting Dr Richard Haass' proposals on flags, parades and dealing with the past.

The party leaders have now decided to meet again next Tuesday.

Speaking after the latest discussions, deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness accused unionist leaders of allowing "extremists" to set the agenda.

The Sinn Féin man said: "I have watched, over the course of the last 18 months, unionist parties dancing to the tune of extremists within their own communities and that has to end.

"I say that because I believe that the influence of these people has impacted on the Haass negotiations and the outcome."

Former US diplomat Dr Richard Haass was brought in by the Executive to chair all-party discussions on a number of contentious issues, alongside co-chair Meghan O'Sullivan.

However the parties were unable to reach agreement before their end-of-2013 deadline.

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Scotsirish in Ontario wrote (354 days ago):
IT IS HIGH TIME THE KIDS IN NORTHERN Ireland be educated together in order to learn how to live together!
thoughts on in strings wrote (379 days ago):
Who gives a damn who started it,the point is people died,innocent people died,men,women and children.If some posters want to act like children and do their "you started it first" you would do well for yourselves to look in the mirror, grow up and act like an adult.The only thing your pushing in your comments is your politicians opinion instead of using your brain to formulate an opinion of your own.Wake up and realise you have been misguided misled and manipulated by your so called representatives for their own ends.The reason we have these problems is because those in government have exploited your mental laziness and if all this is to much to acknowledge then have the decency to leave us all alone.
lorna in limavady wrote (379 days ago):
It take days for my comment to appear. or not at all. why. would I be better to slag off the RUC than try to defend those who are not around to defend themselves
lorna in limavady wrote (379 days ago):
Sam1690 in Ballysillan wrote (379 days ago):
David Ervine said that those who ignore their history are doomed to repeat it. If you look at the history of the movement calling itself the IRA. It moves a short distance, then re-groups and re-brands, The IRA, the official IRA provisional IRA, continuity IRA, real IRA the New IRA (did I miss any) each one moves a distance then take stock and then return. The UVF was first formed in response to a rise in republicanism, the same reason it was reformed, and the same reason they still exist, the IRA haven't gone away you know, they never have, they are still active. I was not talking about the 'civil rights era' when I stayed people have a right to defend themselves, please don't mis-quote me. I was educated at a grammar school, so I find some comments about my intelligence offensive, and attending a school alongside people from all nationalities and faiths has given me a more balanced and true understanding of history than going to a monochrome/monoculture school that some would say is reminiscent of the darkest days of apartheid. To answer another question, if you read "bread and butter stories" you'd see my comments. The political stories get the most comments so it is logical that the probability of anyone person commenting is higher. To UTV, your so called 'moderation' needs to be reviewed as a matter of urgency. Personal insults like those you have published breach your own rules regarding causing offence. Will you have the journalistic integrity to publish this?
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