Unionist Forum 'not talking shop' - FM

Published Tuesday, 08 January 2013
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The first meeting of the unionist taskforce created in response to the ongoing flag dispute will take place at Stormont on Thursday morning.

Unionist Forum 'not talking shop' - FM
Mike Nesbitt and Peter Robinson will chair the Forum. (© Pacemaker)

Some of the issues which are to be discussed include flags, parades, and increasing the voter turnout in unionist areas.

First Minister Peter Robinson and Ulster Unionist leader Mike Nesbitt explained in a joint statement that the purpose of the forum will be to "seek to engage with the entire unionist community and address issues of concern".

"It will seek to channel unionist efforts through political means. While participants attending the initial meeting will be limited, working groups may be established to provide a more extensive reach across the wider unionist community," they said.

"The forum will be a body through which unionists can meet to consider matters of interest and concern to the unionist community."

Organisers said participants should commit to "exclusively peaceful and democratic means, non-sectarianism", a shared future and devolution.

I don't believe that the answer is through protest, I believe the answer is through politics.

Peter Robinson

Mr Robinson has told UTV protests should remain peaceful.

"I recognise that last night in particular there was a particular agitation from the Short Strand and that violence began there, but I look to unionists to support our police service, not to be in the process of attacking them," he said.

He said that the Unionist Forum would allow people the channel their views through politics, although he acknowledged that not everyone would engage with the outlet.

"If people don't follow the leadership that we (have) given, I think we have to recognise that not everybody supports the process in which I am a part of; they are not going to accept the influence I might have."

Mr Robinson said the forum will not be "just a talking shop" but is an opportunity for unionists to become more "cohesive" and united in how they respond to issues, which he hopes will result in positive action.

Political unionism must now face up to the reality of the situation, that they bear a heavy responsibility for the chaotic and distressing scenes on our streets.

Conall McDevitt, SDLP MLA

The announcement comes after a fifth night of violence in the east of the city, which PSNI Chief Constable Matt Baggott believes is being orchestrated by senior members of the UVF.

It follows a Belfast City Council vote in December to reduce the number of days the Union Flag flies from 365 days a year to 18 designated days.

Around 100 people were arrested and 80 charged in the last month after violence erupted in the wake of flag demonstrations.

Reacting to another night of violence in Belfast, SDLP south Belfast MLA Conall McDevitt called for unionist politicians to address the issue urgently.

"The police must act decisively against anyone who would seem to encourage illegal demonstrations or incite riotous behaviour. The police response must be fair, firm and unequivocal," he added.

"Furthermore the Northern Ireland Office and the Secretary of State must now review all loyalist prisoners on licence to ensure that none of them are engaged in directly or indirectly facilitating violence or the organisation of illegal protests.

"These protests no longer have legitimacy when we have seen a consistent spiralling toward unlawful, violent and destructive scenes which shame the City of Belfast and have very little support in the wider community."

If symbols and cultural expressions are to be treated equally, then unionists must recognise that we are coming from a time when it was all one-sided.

Gerry Kelly, SF MLA

Meanwhile Sinn Féin MLA Gerry Kelly has said that reasons given by loyalist and unionists for the flag protests do not "stack up".

"There needs to be a discussion on how people's Irishness or Britishness and those of other national identities can be respected and valued," he said.

"We can make a start to that discussion with flags but it is far wider than that and takes in the Irish language and the Loyal Order parades."

Northern Ireland Secretary of State Theresa Villiers says she is concerned about the impact the ongoing disorder will have on the region.

She has urged political leaders to find a way forward.

The Conservative MP said: "It's vital these protests come off the streets so that we can have a sensible and informed debate and a way forward on flags which reflects different perspectives, the different identities and the different traditions in Northern Ireland."

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Comments Comments
martin in belfast wrote (751 days ago):
Unionists really do not have a clue. Loyalists will never get enough votes. Nationalists are going from strength to strength. All this nonsense will continue for years and years! The future for our children looks bleak.
Concerned British Citizen in Banbridge wrote (751 days ago):
Lets hope that a Unionist Forum works and achieves something. For too many years Unionists have been 'led up the hill and down again'. Too many so called Unionist leaders have used their positions for their own goals and not nescessarily the good of the Ulster people. Time for the real leaders to stand up an be counted. Be progressive and pro-active - not weak leadership from the past.
Northern Star in Newtownabbey wrote (752 days ago):
If all unionists of all stripes had any sense - and they haven't shown any since the Covenant in 1912, quite frankly - they would officially merge into a single broad-church, conservative-leaning Unionist party that has grassroots working-class unionist representation as much as middle/upper class unionist representation... enough forums and more action!
Damien Hegarty in Belfast Central wrote (752 days ago):
I can't understand why the PSNI did not arrest more of the rioters over the last 6 nights it's a total sham that rioting scum can attack police wagons with sledge hammers and hand axes with out arrest,Everyone seen who started the conflict at the interface last night people won't put up with the loyalist ransom of Belfast that happened in the 70s and 80s,It is clear that the U.V.F has had a firm hand in escalating all that has happened over the last 6 nights,then they have community workers shifting the blame onto the PSNI when the blame sits firmly on their door step and all the loyalist people of East Belfast. Remember this is over a tattered rag called a flag and the fact that the loyalist community can't have their own way.I'm sure the Queen is so proud of then all.
jimmymac in canada wrote (752 days ago):
Sorry... Mr Robinson, There is no point in creating a forum, what's done can never be on-done. Pandora's box, has been activated, and the wee fleg has been banish from the scene, and only allowed back on certain days. Now that's not so bad is it.On the flag flying days all the royal loyal protesters can have a wee worshiping party to welcome it home , hope it wont rain.
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