Union flag was 'waved provocatively'

Published Monday, 21 January 2013
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A man waved a union flag provocatively at police and nationalists following a loyalist protest in east Belfast, a court has heard.

Union flag was 'waved provocatively'
The Union flag has been restricted at City Hall to designated days. (© Pacemaker)

Jamie Reilly is also alleged to have swore at officers forming a line between the two communities.

The 20-year-old, of Copeland Road in Carrickfergus, was one of two men arrested and charged after a demonstration on Saturday.

Also appearing before Belfast Magistrates' Court was Steven Johnston, 18, of Whinsmoor Park, Broughshane, Co Antrim. Both men face charges of disorderly behaviour.

Reilly is further accused of carrying out a provocative act with intent to provoke a breach of the peace. He is alleged to have been among a crowd of up to 150 loyalists who passed a police cordon close to the Short Strand interface.

Opposing his bail application, a constable claimed Reilly approached police standing in front of nationalist residents and began swearing and making rude gestures.

The court heard that he later emerged again carrying and waving a large union flag.

The officer expressed concerns about further offending linked to the protests over restrictions on flying of the flag at Belfast City Hall.

A defence solicitor pointed out that CCTV footage of the alleged incident was still outstanding.

He argued that his client was vulnerable due to an incident in his past. But despite being told Reilly could live with his mother under strict conditions, District Judge Fiona Bagnall refused bail due to the risk of any more offences being committed.

Reilly was remanded in custody to appear again by video-link on 18 February.

Earlier Johnston was released on continuing police bail to return to court on the same date.

As part of his conditions he must not be in a crowd of more than four people or go within 100m of any parade, protest or demonstration.

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Tommy Atkins in London, England wrote (727 days ago):
Danny you silly man You cannot compare London riots to these N Ireland hate fests which you have now daily and yearly at your parades. And I am thankful that London will never be compared to that place named N Ireland N Ireland will not exist in 40 years and how us Englsh wish it was tomorrow You will just have to follow the rules set by Westminster and do what Britain states. In the end you will have simply "No Say! in the matter. Get out of the past and look towards your new and certain future B G do you realize that everyone is sick of hearing about your so called exploits in WW1 and I say that with some sorrow That was close to a century ago and you guys are still talking abou it and trying to glorify something that never was.. Ihave listened to these stories ad nauseam and each time the exploits became enlarged by each individual, who wanted to tell us about the Somme. Where English Irish Canadians etc died in massive numbers It was a compleat and utter debacle and yes some officers should have paid a severe penalty for it. However there was nothing glorious about it! We still honour our war dead in England, but we do it once a year and in a very dignified manner BTW We needed many men in WW2 but unortunately the O O decided to stay at home. Yet they canceled their so called traditional parades for fear of anyone seeing how many able bodied men in Ulster stayed at the home front. BTW air wardens did not fight. Your layabouts who stone and distrupt obviously have no jobs but that is your own faults. Having frightened away investors. Maybe they can enlist in the Military where they will be taught the proper etiquette and protocol for My countries flag
realistic in planet earth wrote (732 days ago):
ALL flags are waved provocatively, when anyone waves a flag they're basically trying to make sure that anyone who sees them knows which tribe they belong to, which football team they support etc etc. same with tattoos, sports shirts, caps etc etc..... some people just feel the need for those around them to know who they support, what religion they are, their political views etc. it all comes down to wether you want to be one of the sheep, or if you are content in your own mind with your thoughts and feelings.....Personally I have no need to be branded or feel I have anything to prove........
Danny in Ulster wrote (732 days ago):
Tommy Atkins - That chip on your shoulder must be weighing you down, "the flag of your country" is it eh? Did you call for England to be "dissolved" during the London riots? Were you proud of the english rioters actions for the "motherland", or were they a small minority of thugs and louts like those that have caused touble here? Northern Ireland is here to stay whether you like it or not, so why don't you go back to reading your book of "flag protocols" as you obviously have too much time on your hands, and we already have enough idiots spouting nonsense on here as it is.
BG in NI wrote (732 days ago):
As a unionist Tommy you make me want to change allegiance! Perhaps you have never felt threatened as these young people have. Their behaviour has been regrettable however your ministers never turned down our young men- from either the nationalists or unionist community- when Hilter was rapping on the door. Don't reject their applications for the modern army either!.Think the English are quite good at tarnishing their own reputation eg banks crisis, shell oil spill, Iraq war.
Tommy Atkins in London,England wrote (733 days ago):
One must honour the Union flag and not use it in any disgraceful manner There are lists of protocols which should be adhered to when displaying the flag of my country The inhabitants of N ireland must not have ever read these rules due to the fact that these louts du nothing but bring disgrace to my flag. The quicker N Ireland is dissolved the better for all in the motherland. The rest of the U K can only liken N Ireland to a member of a family who does nothing but tarnish the reputation of that family. In the end the most logical action of that family is to get rid of that member
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