UVF boss 'to turn supergrass'

Published Tuesday, 28 September 2010
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There is growing speculation that a leading member of the UVF is co-operating with police and is to turn supergrass against former colleagues in the loyalist terror group.

It is understood the man is a former so-called brigadier in the terror group.

He will become the highest ever UVF man to give evidence against his former colleagues.

Loyalist sources say the man has agreed to co-operate with the PSNI by naming UVF men who carried out some of the most notorious murders of the Troubles in north Belfast.

They include a spate of murders carried out by the Mount Vernon UVF led by Mark Haddock.

It is reported he is being held in solitary confinement at Maghaberry Prison near Lisburn.

Loyalists are said to be bracing themselves for a new spate of arrests. It is unclear if the arrests will take in the Shankill Road-based leadership of the UVF.

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henry in north belfast wrote (1,584 days ago):
ok mcgurk lets start with the rioters, i didnt and dont defend em but why did they feel the need to take to the streets and riot, well every problem has a rootcause and in this case the rootcause was a bigot march, no march no riot, as for commenting on every story that u,tv airs well unlike u and ernest i got other things to do, theres loads of stories that i dont comment on, stories from both sides, when and if i decide to post a comment then that will rest with me and me alone, and if u think am a bigot which am not, but if i was then the answer to that would be that ive had good teachers, ie the good aul OO, so listen little boys go suck ur thumbs and sit in the conner and call for mammy, idiots
R in R wrote (1,584 days ago):
I know personally the man in question too Big E. Youre full of it, He was wrongfully labelled. What ever he has done in the past I doubt you would know. "funny how he never wanted to inform before he got into the position he is in now" Whys that so funny ernest!! The mans been bitten & hes biting back. God bless him
mcgurk in belfast wrote (1,585 days ago):
henry your not so quick to comment on your own side.I seen many an article where you have chosen to stay silent and you also defend rioters and thugs.Your a bigot with a different motive on this storey.You simply cant stand anything protestant.Yes anybody who has info on any murders from the past should come forword weather it be protestant or catholic or whatever other nationality.Why dont you ask big bad martain how many murders he knows about cause im sure it would be a awfal lot.Not only martain the whole of sf/ira or would that be againist your religion to ask them.Your a bigot plain and simple and every one on here knows it................
big ernest in east antrim wrote (1,585 days ago):
henry , there are a whole lot of stories about republican murders and bomb attacks that you have not visited yet on u.tv , any chance then ?
henry in north belfast wrote (1,585 days ago):
lol wonder what it was u had in ur post ernest that u,tv didnt post it, and there was me thinking u found a job, but its good to see u still got to throw ur hat in the middle
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