Twitter users hijack TUV Q&A session

Published Friday, 17 January 2014
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A newspaper's online Q&A session with TUV leader Jim Allister ended up trending UK-wide on Friday, when Twitter users took the opportunity to hijack the AskTUV hashtag.

Twitter users hijack TUV Q&A session
Twitter users hijacked the political Q&A session. (© Getty)

The North Antrim politician would probably have been more geared up for political debate - maybe constituency questions or the state of play at Stormont.

It could have been the perfect opportunity to ask Mr Allister his thoughts on the folk on the hill, even if his views aren't much of a secret.

Instead, many of those taking part adopted a more mischievous approach.

The questions ranged from the surreal ...

"#AskTUV what's the biggest animal you could singlehandedly clingfilm to a lamppost?"

... to the ridiculous ...

"Would you rather face twenty duck sized horses or one horse sized duck #AskTUV"

... to the practical. Sort of.

"#AskTUV why isn't a pot of double cream twice as big as a pot of single cream"

Many of the question posers seemed very musically minded. Maybe the influence of the Britain's Got Talent auditions being held in Northern Ireland this weekend?

"Did Lionel Richie ever find out who was looking for him? #AskTUV"

"#AskTUV What is love? Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me no more"

"#AskTUV Is this the real life. Is this just fantasy?"

Well that last user may ask, all things considered.

The Q&A session gained traction throughout the afternoon, with more and more Twitter users getting in on the act.

Amid the jokes, there were some serious questions though - with the answers from Jim Allister tweeted out via the Impartial Reporter's account.

On the subject of politics in Northern Ireland and whether they can "ever be fixed", the answer was simply: "When it has got the basic rights to change your gov + have an opposition + allow proper politics 2 flourish."

Mr Allister also addressed the issue of fracking, stating: "Last summer I saw a fracking plant in USA which fracks beneath one of deepest fresh water lakes without incident."

However, the following tweet was among the most retweeted from the #AskTUV session:

© UTV News
Comments Comments
Steffan in Belfast wrote (91 days ago):
I suggest Jim McAllister watches the documentary 'Gasland' so he can see the REAL effects of Fracking.
G in Belfast wrote (92 days ago):
I reckon I could clingfilm a hamster or a unusually docile guinea pig.
Tom in Belfast wrote (92 days ago):
No mention of wee Jim comparing athiests to terrorists? Strange journalism there...
Lorna in Belfast wrote (92 days ago):
Wish I had've known...... I would have asked Jim does he know which cartoon character hes like?
Fionntan in Belfast wrote (93 days ago):
Crying with laughter. Great start to the day.
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