Threat to shoot alleged drug dealer

Published Wednesday, 18 April 2012
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Republican paramilitaries want to shoot a Belfast man allegedly involved in dealing drugs to children as young as ten, the High Court has heard.

Threat to shoot alleged drug dealer
The accused denies the claims. (© UTV)

Police are deciding whether a threat warning should be issued to Kevin Davidson, prosecutors said.

The 22-year-old, of Hallidays Road in the New Lodge area of the city, faces charges of possessing cannabis and possession with intent to supply.

Davidson denies selling drugs to youths or anyone else, his barrister Declan Quinn stressed.

He was refused bail after a judge ruled that his release would expose him to the risk of "inhuman or degrading treatment".

Davidson was stopped on the Antrim Road in Belfast on 4 April, apparently under the influence of drugs, the court heard.

Fiona O'Kane, prosecuting, said: "Police had received information that this applicant the previous night had been supplying drugs to young boys, including 10 and 14-year-olds."

She told the court street searches led to digital scales, a list of names, and a 30 gram bag of suspected herbal cannabis being found on him.

Another four smaller bags, just over £260 in cash and other drugs-related paraphernalia were also recovered.

Davidson, who is further charged with resisting police, wanted bail to live with his mother.

However according to Mrs O'Kane that address is not suitable.

"Masked men purporting to be from a particular republican organisation entered the premises on 13 April demanding to know where this applicant was and claiming men were wanting to shoot him," she said.

"That was reported to police yesterday and they are waiting to see whether a specific warning needs to be issued to him."

Mr Quinn, his barrister, said his client was a long-term cannabis addict diagnosed with a personality disorder and suffering from ideas of self-harm.

It was claimed that Davidson was used to take the consignment from one place to another because of his vulnerability.

"He would say he was a mule or courier and the persons using him would have been fully aware of his difficulties," Mr Quinn added.

The judge, Mr Justice McCloskey, said there were enormous risks associated with the "dreadful scourge" of drugs.

"The consequences can be utterly devastating and there are countless potentially young victims prepared to experiment in drug taking," he pointed out.

Although other reasons for refusing bail were cited, the judge held that it was also one of the unusual cases where the accused must remain in custody to protect his own human rights.

He added: "If he were to be subjected to the kind of treatment organisations use on persons such as him that would qualify as inhuman or degrading treatment."

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a quiet man in derry wrote (1,013 days ago):
it would be funny if it was not so serious why do we not have a proper understanding about cannabis ? what are the dangers? why do we live in a place that can not ask simple questions? the press only repeat the same old story never try to explain the problem. cannabis is not dangerous the black market is the danger if we had regulated this substance then kids would not be getting it offered on every street. now drugs are everywhere and the answer is to shoot people or lock them away, so when has that ever worked? when will U,T,V force our M,L,A overpaid idiots to address this subject
Nick in belfast wrote (1,014 days ago):
If we had a regulated market, we wouldn't have to deal with with. Prohibition has failed. the only ID a child requires is a £20 note.
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