Thieves return jewellery to grieving mum

Thieves return jewellery to grieving mum

A Co Down mother has spoken of her relief that all the jewellery that was stolen from her late daughter's home after her suicide has been returned overnight.

Michelle Lowery from Ballynahinch told UTV of her ordeal on Wednesday, in which opportunists broke into the house where her 20-year-old daughter Natasha had lived and taken her belongings less than a week after the family had laid her to rest.But it seems those responsible had a change of heart after seeing her appeal for the mementos, some of which were destined for Natasha's friends, to be returned.Michelle said she "cried with delight" when she found the jewellery sitting outside the family home on Thursday morning."Absolutely fantastic, I couldn't believe it this morning," she said."I could not believe it, I put the dogs out and was coming up the path and every bit of her jewellery was sitting at the corner step."It was a complete weight off my shoulders, knowing somebody out there had stuff belonging to my daughter that was for me and her close friends, getting it back was such a big relief."She said that going on TV to talk about her experience had been hard but "in the end it was worth it".She added: "It's helped me a bit, knowing that I've got her stuff back and it's not out there."


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