Terror threat ups US flight security

Published Thursday, 03 July 2014
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Security measures are being stepped up at airports with direct flights to the US, over concerns of a "credible" terror threat that could sidestep current checks.

Terror threat ups US flight security
Airline passengers could face some disruption due to increased security. (© Getty)

Belfast International and Dublin Airport are among the facilities in the UK and Ireland that could be affected by the directive from the US Department of Homeland Security.

"We do not comment on safety and security arrangements for our passengers," a statement from Belfast international said.

"Their safety is of paramount importance. We fully comply with all current airport security regulations."

Dublin Airport made a similar statement, adding: "Dublin Airport continues to operate as normal and intending passengers travelling to the US should continue to arrive as normal."

US Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson confirmed that he had ordered enhanced security measures in response to ongoing assessment of the "global threat environment".

While efforts will be made to avoid unnecessary disruption, passengers are likely to be affected.

According to reports, the security measures are in response to concerns that groups in Yemen and Syria are working together on a bomb plot targeting the US.

Prime Minister David Cameron's official spokesman said: "There are terror organisations around the world that seek to do the UK, its citizens, and citizens of many other countries - including our Western allies - harm.

"We need to always be vigilant to situations that can develop."

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has also warned the public that the increased security measures are unlikely to be "a one-off, temporary thing".

He told LBC: "This is the world we now live in. I don't want people to think that this is some sort of blip for a week.

"This is part of an evolving and constant review about whether the checks in our airports - and indeed other places of entry and exits from countries - keep up with what we know from intelligence and other sources about the nature of the threats we face."

The nature of the security measures has not been disclosed, but it is understood that passengers are now being asked to remove all electrical and battery-operated items from their bags during checks.

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Long time traveller in Belfast wrote (207 days ago):
Well these comments don't surprise men.I AMA longtime traveller of 40 plus years and also involved in Security work of same time .so one could say I a am rather an expert . Let's first of all say yes the Airport prices are rather high buts let's also say if u to to the local Cinema and get a large coke my deaf gosh it's well over £3 plus same gos for sweets ... Now as for Jim's comment yes he's is in fact right ... As for yer man ... Well he is in fact wrong .. However I won't divulge issues around security let's just say the fault lies with the respective governments in NOT getting to grips with the actual people who carry out these atrocious threats and crimes ... We need a more robust and more clear approach as to who we let in the the UK ...closer. Monitoring and if say a UK national comes back after fighting in his so called war he or she should be barred from entry .Simple ... Anyone coming from these countries should be enhanced checked ... And held until clear .yes I hear people say and shout about human rights well. Y answer is those of us who live in peace in UK have a right to human rights as well. We did. Ot ask these so called jihadists to fight on our behalf to bring back the fight to Uk so my answer is if. Like it so much that u feel the need to fight in Middle East then stay ! No doubt UTV won't post this , but not to worry as it's copied to Nolan ,RTE Fox News ,CNN Reuters , Al Jezera , BT,Newsletter , Daily treble graph. observer , Financial Times ,Newsweek , and various other news media just so UTV know if they don't print it shows how bias they really are ..as many of the truthful posts I put here are not printed . Let's see where this gos
tamyla in MD wrote (209 days ago):
Why just focus on international flights. The terrorists could have already brought in devices undetected. So while we are focused on incoming international flights, they hit us in the Midwest.
Chris in Belfast wrote (210 days ago):
even staff cannot bring over 100ml in and the employers don't provide any decent price liquids, airport prices are a joke,
Yer Man in Belfast wrote (210 days ago):
Jim dont comment on things u know absolutely nothing about...... Youd have to go to some length to cause any harm with those ridiculous knives!! Although if anything got through would u blame the "money making racket" or the staff?? Think before u talk crap!
portadown smiler in portadown wrote (211 days ago):
another story to scare the sheep.. more chance of being killed by a lightning strike...
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