Teens find 'heroin kit' and used needles

Teens find 'heroin kit' and used needles

The discovery of a used drugs kit - believed to contain heroin - by children in west Belfast has led one campaigner to warn that the deadly drug is becoming more available on our streets.

The drugs paraphernalia, including used needles, was found by four teenagers playing in the grounds of a derelict school in the Whiterock area.They gave it to community leaders and tests will now be carried out to determine if the drug is in fact heroin.The dangerous find has alarmed parents living in the area.Community worker Benny Lynch told UTV that actually injecting hard drugs had not been a major issue in Belfast in the past, with smoking them more common.But awareness is growing of the increasing use of needles - which pose a serious infection risk, including to the wider public if discarded.These needles were left in a space where they could be accessed by young people. And if they had been pricked by them, god knows what the outcome would have been.Benny Lynch, community worker"We've found needles in the past, but we've never come across such a full kit as this for injecting before," Mr Lynch said.Pharmacist Terry Maguire said: "Heroin is a drug that was designed to get into the body very rapidly, and also to get into the brain very rapidly."As a result of that, it is an extremely dangerous drug - certainly for someone who has never used it before - because the dose is very hard to manage."He added: "I think the concern would be that when you discard kits and needles that have been used by individuals, there's a risk first of all regarding the contents of the needle - but also the infective agents, because very often people who use needles and share needles will share infections, HIV, and also hepatitis, and these are very serious conditions."


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