Teen meets 'life saving' police dog

Teen meets 'life saving' police dog

Teenager Scott Vineer, who was beaten and left for dead in Lisburn last year, has been reunited with the dog handler who found him after a vicious attack.

It is understood Scott was kicked repeatedly in the head by a gang who jumped the student as he made his way home from South Eastern Regional College.

A police dog handler found the 6'3" autistic teen at an abandoned furniture shop in the town.

Scott was in hospital for six months following the brutal beating, and spent three of those months in a coma.

When he woke up, Scott's mum Helen Vineer said the first thing he asked for was to meet the dog handler who found him.

On Thursday, Scott met the police dogs and handler - who, Mrs Vineer believes, may have saved her son's life.

She told UTV: "There was a good chance he was not going to survive, so we are very grateful to the dog and the handler for finding him."

If he had not have been found by the dog handler that he may not have been found, and it could have been a very different outcome.

Helen Vineer

Scott's injuries were so severe that, eight months after the attack, he continues to use a wheelchair. The Vineer family hope he will be able to walk again.

Mrs Vineer added: "We are hoping that through time he will be able to make a full recovery, but we know that that's not 100% guaranteed, so we take each day as it comes."

Speaking at the Steeple training facility in Antrim, where 51 police dogs and 33 handlers are based, Scott said meeting the dog and handler was "awesome... it was cool".


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