Teacher has double trouble times three

Teacher has double trouble times three

After twenty years of twin-free classes, one Co Down village school has not one but three sets of twins enrolled this year.

St Mary's Primary School in Saintfield, Co Down has welcomed three sets of twins into its reception class.

Amy and Erin Braniff; Patrick and Luke McSorley; and Dylan and Ryan Walsh Williams are all enjoying their early years education at the school.

The four-year-olds may be physically alike if not identical but their little personalities are all very different.

"They're lots of fun, lots of variety but also a lot of confusion," teacher Maeve Haughey told UTV.

"Quite often they put you in your place saying I'm Erin or I'm Amy and you're like 'Sorry about that', but you do learn as you go along.

"In fact usually the children know who's who before the teachers but we get used to it and we know them all from their personalities."

To have the three twins is quite exceptional considering there is only 70 children enrolled in total at the small village school.

"I don't know what's going on in Saintfield it's come as a big shock to our school. It's amazing to have them and they are a real asset to the school. Definitely it's something very unusual for the village," the teacher added.

Even more surprising is that another set of twins is set to join the ranks next year.

"At that point I'll plan to phone the Guinness Book of Records, we must be in there somewhere. We're delighted and challenged by the opportunities we're getting at the minute," Principal Anne Reid said.

Although thankfully for Ms Haughey, there will be less confusion with next year's new starts as the twins registered are a boy and a girl.


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