Tapir mauls girl and mum at Dublin Zoo

Published Friday, 09 August 2013
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A mum and her two-year-old daughter have received hospital treatment after being attacked by Brazilian tapir at Dublin Zoo.

Tapir mauls girl and mum at Dublin Zoo
Tapirs are said to be docile, but have strong jaws and sharp teeth. (© Getty)

It happened inside an enclosure during a supervised visit on Thursday.

The animal mauled the girl and her mother as she went to save her. They were given first aid at the scene before being taken to Temple Street Children's Hospital and the Mater Hospital.

It is understood the youngster has undergone surgery for injuries to her arm and abdomen.

A statement from Dublin Zoo described it as "an unfortunate accident", adding: "The Dublin Zoo first aid team was at the scene immediately and attended to the visitors.

"The welfare of our visitors and animals is of paramount importance and all steps are taken by our experienced staff to ensure optimum safety.

"Dublin Zoo would like to underline this was very much an isolated incident. The staff of Dublin Zoo are deeply upset by this incident and we reiterate strongly that their utmost concern lies with the visitors and their speedy recovery."

Tapirs are of a similar size to pigs and look like anteaters.

The zoo said an investigation into the incident is underway.

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Travis Bickle in Belfast wrote (532 days ago):
So paul from London im stupid for having a opinion about zoos???Tell me why do the birds in Dublin zoo not fly away if they arent in a cage??You may think a animal in a zoo is well looked after but i certainly dont.Wild animals in the wild have miles of land to travel to hunt and to survive.A wild animal in a zoo gets his food thrown at him .I will not be using my hard earned money to help pay for the cruelty to animals suffering from mental health problems in a zoo.I am so glad i dont have a naive view about zoos like you do.Nature is nature,its as simple as that.You go live in a cage/enclosure/pen and see how you enjoy it.
Sam Brannigan in Dublin wrote (532 days ago):
In reply to Paul in London,England. I agree with Travis ,Zoos should be history these days.The animals ARE in cages or as they call them these days enclosures!! How many people do you think would visit Dublin zoo if the WILD cats werent safely locked away???Animals in zoos just pace up and down all day with no stimulation except for people staring at them.More money should be spent on tackling evil poachers who kill animals then we wouldnt need zoos.Cheerio now
Paul in London wrote (534 days ago):
Travis you will NOT find a cage in Dublin zoo. I suggest you go visit. It's one of the best zoos in the world. If we all thought like you half the animals on the planet would be gone forever Stupid comment from you!!
Travis Bickle in Belfast wrote (534 days ago):
The clue is in the name ,a BRAZILIAN tapir!! Should be in Brazil not in Dublin.Most people know even though cows are docile animals you avoid them when they have a calf.I would imagine a tapir is the same.Better one year surviving in the wild than ten years in a cage in a zoo.
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