Suspect package at Whitewell Tabernacle

Published Tuesday, 03 June 2014
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A suspect package has been removed by police from the Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle in north Belfast.

Suspect package at Whitewell Tabernacle
Pastor McConnell preaches at the Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle. (© Pacemaker)

Police received a report over a suspicious package on Monday afternoon and seized it for further examination.

The PSNI released the information to the media on Tuesday afternoon.

Pastor James McConnell, who preaches at the Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle, has been at the centre of a controversy over remarks he made about the Islam faith.

During a recent sermon he likened "cells" of Muslims in Britain to the IRA and branded Islam a "heathen" doctrine, saying it was "satanic" and "spawned in hell".

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blair in belfast wrote (241 days ago):
this is what he said cells not all muslims just like cells off the IRA not all chatholics so why has this been twisted i can vlear read what it says so who has left the package now is that wrong or does people find that ok
lucylou in belfast wrote (241 days ago):
If this was done in response to Pastor McConnell's opinions on Islam which are hailed as a 'hate' crime then the perpetrators have scored an own goal! I think the whole episode has been given enough media attention now and needs to be laid to rest. It has been puzzling, to say the least, to see how some commentators on this whole sorry episode, have leapt so defiantly to the defence of religion when previously have derided religion calling believers fantacists among many other more offensive things.These people need to be honest with themselves and admit their supposed outrage is no more than an opportunity to point score politically. Baaa==Baaa==Baaa
Vee in Belfast wrote (241 days ago):
While I do not approve of suspicious packages or bombs, If you voice opinions that others of God's creatures are the spawn of Satan, you have to expect a backlash of disagreement. It was dreadful thing for a so-called Christian minister to say, and he should apologise and withdraw the comments immediately as Peter Robinson has already done.
con in Hellfast wrote (241 days ago):
Whatever this eejit said it is no excuse for this. The person who makes such attacks (even if they are proved to be hoaxes) is much worse and deserves jailtime.
Nonbigot in Lurgan wrote (241 days ago):
I have to agree with the first comment on most of the content, to pick at his use of speech concerning Sharia is infantile, but you are right concerning the rest, the man IS a brilliant preacher and has helped thousands of people, he would go to the Falls road and be treated with respect by the Catholic people, but he should not condemn other faiths, both. Muslim and Christian where conceived through Abraham, I 'm no scholar but i believe that everyone has a right to salvation, the Muslims are totally faithful to their church as Catholics, Protestants, Siks, Hindus are to theirs, let us all live and stop calling each other Heathen.
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