Survey says HET should be disbanded

Published Monday, 20 January 2014
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The majority of respondents to a survey about the future of the Historical Enquiries Team believe it should be disbanded.

Survey says HET should be disbanded
The future of the HET is being considered. (© Pacemaker)

Relatives of victims from across Northern Ireland's political spectrum were interviewed by the University of Ulster in one of the largest studies of attitudes towards the PSNI unit.

Professor Bill Rolston, who conducted the research, said an alternative should be established.

He said: "The onus is on the state to provide an alternative to the HET which avoids its mistakes and gives relatives of victims what the HET seemed to promise - investigation, disclosure, support, information and perhaps even some sense of closure and justice."

The HET, which examines unsolved Troubles-related deaths, was criticised by an inspectorate last year in a report which found it investigated army killings less rigorously.

Its future is currently being considered by Chief Constable Matt Baggott.

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Eamonn in Belfast wrote (373 days ago):
To justiceonceandforall you clearly have not encountered the HET. Myself and family members have. They investigate the death of your loved one and get so much evidence then say they are not going to prosecute. This is the same Squad who if the killing was done by the Army or pollice just did not investigate at all and said that the crown forces were in work the right. I am an innocent victim of the troubles and i say get rid of them. Get an independannt force to examine the cases and we will get justiceonceandforall.
JusticeOnceAndForAll in Rathcoole wrote (375 days ago):
What good would disbanding the H.E.T do for this country? Sure we'll just close it down and right off all the lives taken by the people wanted, as a bit of hard loss? Keep it going, capture these horrible people and lock up all these murderers for life …and I mean life. I bet a good majority of the respondents are those waiting for a knock on the door. A murder is a murder, whether its terrorist related or not and its well known that the people guilty of the murders in the period of the 30 odd years of violence that we call "The Troubles" that have so far gotten away with it, are still "operating" and up to their necks in more blood and most likely drugs and other forms of serious criminality. Lets have the real people and the innocent of this country stand alongside the victims of these beings to make one final stand so that we can all move on, enjoy whats left of the rest of our lives without the threat of knowing that these people are still at large…
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