'UDA behind' gun attack on house

Published Saturday, 25 January 2014
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A man and woman have escaped injury after a shot was fired through the living room window of a house in Larne, Co Antrim.

'UDA behind' gun attack on house
The damaged window has been boarded up in Larne. (© UTV)

The incident happened in the early hours of Friday morning.

Police said the pair were inside the Ferris Avenue property when it was blasted at about 1am.

They were not hurt.

Oliver McMullan of Sinn Féin has claimed the UDA was behind the attack.

"This is the second time this family has been attacked - they were attacked a short time before Christmas last year when the window and doors were smashed and now on Friday night this more sinister attack where the house is shot at," the MLA told UTV.

"The family are well known in this community, hard working and my belief is it's because there was an altercation and they stood up to the criminal elements behind this.

"The UDA is behind this, it was sanctioned by the UDA and nothing can move in Larne without the sanction of the paramilitary groupings."

Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson said: "Guns have no place on our streets. There is absolutely no justification for this attack. Somebody could have been seriously hurt or worse."

Anyone who saw what happened or who has further information is asked to call the PSNI.

© UTV News
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Ryan in An Dun wrote (367 days ago):
@sam in Ballysillian. There you go again.you don't comment on anything that doesn't mention Sinn Fein. Where's all these "bread and butter" issues your commenting on? You really hate Sinn Fein, don't you?
Eamonn in Belfast wrote (368 days ago):
To all the folk saying about SF condemning this attack where are the Unionists condemnations? The right thinking peopke of this area must take a stand and tell this scum to get out of the area. And yes PIRA have gone away you all know but the UVF/UDA have not. These people will only keep bringing your areas down cause you let them. Get a hold of your politicians as they are not doing their jobs
Sam1690 in Ballysillan wrote (368 days ago):
If Oliver McMullan knows who did this and who sanctioned it why does he not inform the police? Directing Terrorism is still a criminal offence so if he has evidence let the police have it and they can remove these clowns from the streets. That is unless, like Marty McGuiness, he's just throwing about claims that he can't back up. The police generally refer to former Loyalist paramilitaries as "criminal elements" nowadays, reflecting the fact that they are no longer involved in sectarian motivated violence. So Oliver McMullan's claims seem like good old saber rattling.
shamrock in Belfast wrote (368 days ago):
Surprised they could hold a gun let alone fire it seeing as they are smashed out of their heads on drugs 24/7.
Michael in Belfast wrote (368 days ago):
@Fra - The main IRA groups have officially disbanded, the UDA haven't.
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