Shocking NI road safety ad goes viral

Published Monday, 23 June 2014
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A road safety advert featuring a classroom of children, which viewers are advised contains graphic scenes and is aired on TV after the 9pm watershed, has been viewed online more than 1 million times.

VIDEO GUIDANCE: Viewers are advised that they may find the video distressing and that it airs on TV after the 9pm watershed.

The latest bid to bring down fatalities on Northern Ireland's roads was broadcast for the first time just one week ago.

The DOE, which is responsible for the advert, has said it is its most powerful to date.

Viewers on social media have expressed shock, with many admitting the message "hit a nerve".

The advert aims to bring home the fact that 28 children - enough to fill a classroom - have been killed by speeding since 2000.

And this year alone, more than 30 people have died in road traffic collisions.

While the advert may make for uncomfortable viewing, SDLP Road Safety Minister Mark H Durkan has said that the campaign represents a "real wake-up call".

Speeding is shockingly shameful. People are losing their lives long before they have the chance to fulfil their potential. Families are being destroyed forever.

Road Safety Minister Mark H Durkan

Mr Durkan added: "The fact is, excessive speed remains the single biggest principal factor behind road deaths in Northern Ireland and is responsible for a quarter of fatalities.

"Therefore, the aim of this campaign is to challenge and dispel, once and for all, through this emotional and uncomfortable message, the false perceptions that many road users have as to the truly horrifying consequences of speeding.

"My heartfelt condolences go to each and every family. Every road death is one too many."

The advert also has the backing of the PSNI.

"This advertisement depicts very clearly and very starkly the risks involved when speed is a factor," Assistant Chief Constable Stephen Martin said.

"Most of you will find it shocking, but the reality is drivers need to be fully aware of the potential consequences of their actions.

"Too many people in Northern Ireland have lost their lives on our roads - including 28 children since 2000 - and the real tragedy is most, if not all fatalities, could have been prevented."

According to the DOE, a survey carried out in April of this year found that 92% of respondents agreed that "Northern Ireland's graphic TV ads for road safety are important for saving lives", while 70% strongly agreed with the same statement.

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Unbelievable in East Belfast wrote (213 days ago):
@TrustInMe...... Dont talk complete rubbish you silly silly boy! That new Advert is shocking,Horrible, Scary and really frightening but the message needs to get across.. Its everything to do with speed absolutely everything to do with it never heard so mucj rubbish on all my life seriously I really havent!
Martin in Carrick wrote (214 days ago):
peter in Belfast, if you read my post I stated that the worst culprits for speeding are middle aged men and women, that is a FACT, you are right about the fatalities in young men, but I was talking about speeding not fatalities, maybe you should read my post again, or maybe you are a middle aged man who speeds.
Martin McConnell in Bessbrook wrote (214 days ago):
Ad is too graphic, I personally cannot watch something where children are being hurt. I have a 4 year old need to be toned down. Yes keep the children in it but do not show them being killed
Andrew in East Belfast wrote (215 days ago):
There is another epidemic beginning with motorists also now. People are constantly driving through traffic lights when they are at red, whether it be because they are late for work etc but i see it every day. Lights turn red and motorists still driving through, very dangerous especially when the traffic waiting on other side has been given the amber or green to go.
Arvon Williams in Dromara wrote (215 days ago):
Speed is most certainly a big factor in road deaths however-speed does not necessarily cause the accident-drivers driving on the wrong side of the road-especially on country roads, lane discipline on carriageways, motorways, town traffic-lack of use with indicators on roundabouts and junctions, inconsiderate and unnecessary use of lights (fog lights, out of alignment dipped headlights etc.)lack of general courtesey and patience-please add to the list as it's not exhaustible and not defined by age.
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