'Serious sex assault' at city gardens

Published Sunday, 05 May 2013
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A 21-year-old man has been arrested by police investigating a report of a serious sex assault in south Belfast.

'Serious sex assault' at city gardens
The alleged attack took place in the Botanic Gardens. (© UTV)

A 17-year-old girl was attacked in the Botanic Gardens on Saturday.

There are no further details.

© UTV News
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Erx in Belfast wrote (634 days ago):
Get the Police out pff their cars and walk the streets and parks.
dave dave in Belfast wrote (634 days ago):
Not soft on crime, rather policing the wrong areas of law and completely silenced into NEVER proposing sensible laws for non violent crimes that serve the people in a better way. The police need to focus on preventing and solving violent crimes with a clear determination. Look at the resources wasted on cannabis etc... (Non violent "crime"). Drug Squad posters up everywhere, large sections of officers tasked to search and arrest people. The court costs etc... Not to mention the harm to a persons life who is caught with a recreational drug like cannabis. That harm imposed by "the law" is way worse than that drug itself imposes. So the police focus on that* while letting violent crime slip away. Leaving up IRA/UVF murals and hate messages that induce broad violence. Less police patrols in areas where vulnerable young women are. No concerted effort or campaign and no visible strategy to lower and prevent violent crime. But that person was smoking a joint... quick send 10 officers, several vehicles... Then send more officers and vehicles to raid his house... Then send samples of every substance in his house to be tested by yet more officers... ALL for a drug that scientists have proven is far less damaging to a person and society than alcohol. As for morals. Empathy is lacking in our system. Harsh punishments for stupid things are everywhere. Punishments for offenders who affect victims severely are sometimes non existent. Like the pensioner who lived beside the flag protests and was terrified in her own house by rioters and aggressive behaving people outside. That violent intimidation and fear creation goes 100% unpunished because the law.
Seb in London wrote (635 days ago):
@norman.d - Actually, that's a load of rubbish and unfortunately based on an all-too-common naive nostalgic narrative to a supposed golden crime-free age. Please read Pearson's "Hooligan: A History of Respectable Fears" - the text may be 30 years old, but it can still provide a valuable lesson in understanding that crime waves are nothing new. In the early 1600s London was plagued by a succession of organised gangs who, amongst other things, attached wayfarers, rolled old ladies in barrels, and demolished taverns.
C . Belfast in Belfast wrote (635 days ago):
I agree with norman.d, far to soft on criminal's turn months to years !
norman.d in bangor wrote (636 days ago):
all we seem to read about is sex abuse and rape this country has lost its way and moral values and has gone soft on crime the country needs to change its way
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