Sean Quinn speaks out on way to jail

Published Friday, 02 November 2012
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Former billionaire businessman Sean Quinn has been jailed for nine weeks, at an appearance before the High Court in Dublin on Friday.

Sean Quinn speaks out on way to jail
Sean Quinn arrives at the Supreme Court in Dublin. (© PA)

The now bankrupt Fermanagh man had previously been found guilty of contempt of court, alongside his son and nephew, after hiding millions in assets from the former Anglo Irish Bank.

In passing sentence, the judge told a tearful Quinn he "has only himself to blame" for his plight.

According to UTV Business Editor Jamie Delargy, who was at the court, Ms Justice Elizabeth Dunne would have allowed a stay of execution until after an appeal is heard at the Supreme Court.

But Mr Quinn was given until 1pm to decide if he would begin his sentence at once and the 66-year-old opted to do so.

He will remain behind bars over Christmas and New Year, before being due for release on 4 January.

For 64 of my 66 years, I made very little mistakes. I ran my business very, very well.

Sean Quinn

Quinn's legal team appealed for compassionate leave to attend a granddaughter's christening on 23 December, but the judge said that was a decision for the Prison Service.

Passing sentence, Judge Dunne said she took into account Quinn's bad health, previous good character, how his enterprise became one of the largest in the country, his close links with the GAA and his charity work.

But she said Quinn had committed a serious contempt of court which had been nothing short of outrageous, and had been evasive and uncooperative during the hearing, while his evidence was not credible.

In a dramatic breach of court rules, Quinn made a statement to the press before being led away by a Garda officer.

"Did I make mistakes in the last two years? Did my family make mistakes in the last two years? Yes, I did," he told reporters.

"Do I apologise here now in public for that? Yes, I do.

"Is it small fry compared to the overall assault that has been launched on us and taking over our companies and destroying them? It's an absolute disaster."

His son, also Sean, has already served three months behind bars for contempt and was freed just two weeks ago.

His nephew Peter Darragh Quinn remains at large after failing to appear in court for sentencing in July.

The Quinn family are said to owe the Anglo, rebranded as the Irish Bank Resolution Corporation, €2.8bn - but they deny they owe any more than €455m and have taken a counter-claim.

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Paddy in Newry wrote (776 days ago):
I don't Sean Quinn but I know a lot of people who worked for him, and none of them have anything bad to say about the man, they even have plenty of good things to say, that alone is enough for me to know that he is a far better man than those in the government or the bankers that set him up
Ciaran in Belfast wrote (814 days ago):
People need to get some facts right Sean Quinn was loaned the money to buy shares in the bank by a banker who knew the bank was failing i know men who worked for him in Quinn concrete and Quinn therm who have not a bad word to say about the man who treated his staff very well he will be key to bringing down the system that got Ireland into this mess government and bankers both should be jailed for what they done not Sean Quinn who was basically cheated on a bank deal.
David in BELFAST wrote (815 days ago):
Jail him and his sons until the missing millions that they have hidden away is found. Maybe then will they suddenly remember where it was put. Have no sympathy for the guy. He had it coming.
Marty in Singapore wrote (816 days ago):
What a disgrace! Ahern and his banker buddies who destroyed the country should be the people in prison tonight. Typical free state scum!
jenny in antrim wrote (816 days ago):
i dont see anybody out marching in the streets for the ordinary man who has been made redundant and lost his family home or the 18 year old lad who cant get a job anywhere.this country was brought to its knees because of greedy people like sean quinn,they couldnt get enough.yes he employed many people but dont forget his workers were just used to make him billions.all he seen was pound signs.let them see what it is really like to struggle and try and feed your children
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