Ross Kemp filming NI 'extreme' Twelfth

Ross Kemp filming NI 'extreme' Twelfth

Ross Kemp has filmed in some of the most crime-ridden, dangerous parts of the globe for his documentary series Extreme World - and now he is in Northern Ireland for the Twelfth.

Kemp will be in the Ardoyne area of north Belfast on Friday, where previous years have seen violent clashes in the wake of loyalist parades and protests by nationalist residents.

The former EastEnders 'hard man' has already spoken to both bandsmen and protestors, as he tries to get an insight into the sectarian tensions still blighting the peace process in Northern Ireland.

Previously Kemp has visited Mexico's 'murder capital' to investigate drug cartels and talked to child soldiers in the Congo - where militia factions are left to wage war against each other, even in prison, and sexual violence against women is rife.

He has also looked into the heroin problems on the streets of Chicago and barbaric 'witch-hunting' in East Africa.

Closer to home, Kemp was left shocked by the levels of poverty and crime in the poorest parts of Glasgow's inner city.

The new series of Extreme World will be aired on Sky 1 later this year.


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