Road blocked in north Belfast protest

Published Sunday, 09 December 2012
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A police roadblock in north Belfast has been removed after a peaceful protest.

Road blocked in north Belfast protest
Police and protestors have gathered at Peter's Hill. (© UTV)

Peter's Hill was closed to traffic on Sunday evening as around 30 people gathered in the area.

Some of the protestors were carrying or wearing Union flags and police landrovers lined part of the street.

Their demonstration is in response to the vote taken by Belfast City Council, which ruled that the Union flag should only be flown from city hall on 17 designated days throughout the year.

Police said the crowd dispersed and PSNI have moved out of the area.
In Londonderry, police are gathering evidence after a crowd of up to 300 people took part in a rally.

They walked from the Fountain Estate and Bond Street areas to the Peace Bridge, where they held a short protest

The crowd dispersed shortly before 4pm and police said the event passed off without incident.

"Police have carried out evidence gathering in relation to the actions of some of these protestors and a file will be prepared for the PPS," said a PSNI spokesperson.

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nina in newtownabbey wrote (774 days ago):
Intelligence in Belfast wrote (775 days ago):
We all want jobs. We all want well paid jobs. We all want prosperity. I want a future for all kids. Why couldn't the council have delayed the vote till after Christmas? This will have an enormous impact on local economics. People won't shop. Shops will lose money. More closed stores on our high street during one of the worst recessions we have ever seen. More people out of work. People are leaving my work to get home early to avoid road blocks. Rush hour traffic is at a standstill. That is not good for international employers looking here to invest. I mean, would you invest here if you saw that? Would you? It is beyond arrogance. It is dinosaur politics. A throw back "Everything must drop for the local cultural sensitivities" load of absolute rubbish. I ask you: Did anyone seriously notice the flag at the top of the City Hall? I pass the City Hall every day at least twice and I never noticed it. Am I offended or happy it is taken away? I couldn’t care less. I want to get a promotion at work. I want to pay my mortgage. I want a career path. I want to give a future to my loved ones. I want to make them happy. That is what is important. Not flags! I mean wise up.
a bored student in Belfast wrote (776 days ago):
e..... - Good point I don't like having to rely on a BNP fundraiser to speak for me at a protest. But on the other hand if people actually had've been bothered showing up on polling day we may not have been in this situation. I'm also saddened by the fact that we're so easily mobilised on this issue yet for other important issues like human trafficing, homelessness and cuts we just don't seem to care.
Stevie in Glasgow wrote (776 days ago):
Just to let the Protestant people of Ulster know, that your friends in Scotland support your cause. Hands across the sea.
Vee in Belfast wrote (777 days ago):
The Senior Infants are at it again!!! Sulking because they are not getting their own way!!! Grow Up and Get Real!!
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