Rise in disorder penalties in Foyle

Published Friday, 25 April 2014
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The number of penalty notices for disorder being issued by the PSNI has quadrupled in the Foyle area in the last financial year, the police have confirmed.

Rise in disorder penalties in Foyle
The most serious cases of anti-social behaviour may result in prosecutions. (© UTV)

A total of 405 Penalty Notices for Disorder (PNDs) were issued to young people in 2013/2014.

Area Commander Chief Inspector Jon Burrows said: "There is a range of disposals for anti-social behaviour. In the most serious of cases we will prosecute. However, we recognise that a conviction for disorderly behaviour can impair the future of young people, and we have other disposals, which includes Penalty Notices for Disorder (PNDs)."

He continued: "It is the police working in partnership that makes communities safer and not the so-called vigilantes who only succeed in brutalising young people and damaging confidence in our city."

Meanwhile, the number of anti-social behaviour incidents reported to the PSNI in Foyle dropped by almost 900 in the last financial year.

Chief Inspector Burrows said that this was the largest decrease of any policing area in Northern Ireland, representing a fall of 16.3 per cent.

I am under no illusions that anti-social behaviour is regarded by many as a scourge.

Chief Inspector Jon Burrows

In the last 12 months, 4,571 incidents have been reported while in 2012/13, the number stood at 5,462.

"The huge reduction in anti-social behaviour will make a difference to communities right across this city and we will continue to work in partnership to reduce crime and make people safer.

"This demonstrates our commitment to neighbourhood policing, partnership and community priorities. We have worked hard not only to proactively patrol areas, but to bring communities along with us and encourage them to sign up to initiatives that tackle the root causes of anti-social behaviour.

"It takes many shapes. It can range from young people playing noisily with a ball close to the homes of elderly people, to alcoholic-fuelled parties that lead to disturbances," he explained.

"We believe that people having consideration for others is crucial. That is why we encourage people from differing backgrounds to get together, and encourage community and social groups to provide alternative outlets. Our neighbourhood officers are in schools right across the city talking to children and young people about good citizenship, respect and their personal safety."

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Renard in Lisburn wrote (271 days ago):
Does Mr Burrows know what is happening in 'stroke city'? First we are told that anti-social behaviour is down; then we are told that disorder penalties are on the rise!! And not a day or two later, residents report that they are on the verge of moving house because of anti social behaviour!! A FOI request would be worth reading, in relation to how many tickets his officers issued, are actually paid by the offenders. Also, what steps are taken to correctly identify an offender at 0230 in the morning......Name? Joe Bloggs, Address? Main Street,..............................
John Doherty in Foyle wrote (274 days ago):
The story here is that levels of anti-social activity are down 16.3% in the Foyle area. PNDs are mild warnings now being preferred, where possible, in order that young people do not land in court. This is why more have been issued - to reflect a more understanding, neighbourhood policing policy. I have seen the original police press release about this and UTV has twisted it completely around to make Foyle look like things are worse - when in fact they are better - much better, 16.3% better than last year. Typical.
observer in Co Down wrote (274 days ago):
During the UTV video on the reduction of anti social behaviour in the Foyle area it showed the PSNI pouring alcohol into the drainage system. This is the same system which ends up in our local rivers and lakes! Im sure our rivers and lakes have enough pollution issues in them without the addition of copious amounts of alcohol in every town across Northern Ireland on a nightly basis. PSNI do us all a favour and pour the alcohol down the the appropriate place such as a toilet or sink so that it goes the sewage system!
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