Residents return home after Derry hoaxes

Published Saturday, 26 October 2013
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Two security alerts in the Waterside area of Londonderry have been declared hoaxes by police.

Residents return home after Derry hoaxes
Police are at the scene. (© Pacemaker)

Homes had been evacuated at Mimosa Court, Gobnascale, following the discovery of a suspect device overnight.

A controlled explosion was carried out by army bomb experts on Saturday morning and the object declared a hoax.

The YMCA centre in Drumahoe had been made available for residents. They have since been allowed to return home.

Pat Ramsey, SDLP MLA for Foyle, said the discovery had resulted in many vulnerable residents being forced from their homes.

"Whoever this device was aimed at, those responsible have attacked the whole community," he said.

"The SDLP condemns this attack and I call on those who have planted this devise to stop immediately."

Meanwhile, a second alert also in the Gobnascale/Top of the Hill area was sparked when a suspicious object was reported at around 11.10am. It was declared a hoax later that afternoon.

Bridget Meehan, Waterside councillor for Sinn Féin, said those behind the bomb alert are not wanted by the community.

"Whoever was behind this incident should explain to local residents what they have achieved by forcing families from their homes.

"The people of this area want to get on with their lives and trying to improve the future for their children without elements causing distress and inconvenience."

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Aj in Derry wrote (461 days ago):
These bomb scares server two purposes, publicity and intimidation. They need to intimidate the people they have the check to say they are fighting for. This allows them to run their criminal empires without worrying about being reported to the police. None of these people work and do have the hypocrisy to claim money from the government. They then top this up with money from extortion, robberies and drug dealing. Where is their incentive to stop?
David in Belfast wrote (461 days ago):
These people only operate with tacit approval of the population in the local area. Its Mao's theory of the fish in the sea.
Mike in Derry wrote (462 days ago):
Who supports this? Even your own dont want it your sad people who live in a time warp
John in N Belfast wrote (462 days ago):
I have no doubt there are some genuine bomb scares and viable devices. I also genuinely believe security services are responsible for a number of these alleged hoaxes.
Snowy in Ardoyne. Ireland wrote (462 days ago):
scumbags go away and let people live their lives in peace. or go and torture your own families. People don't want you lot about you are all nothing but a pack of dirt bags I just don't know what you are trying to achieve. You aren't Republicans your all a bunch of hoods and criminals. Pieces of dirt .
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