Raid on £9m fuel fraud plant in Meigh

Raid on £9m fuel fraud plant in Meigh

A man from south Armagh has been released on bail after he was arrested following the discovery of an illegal fuel plant in Meigh.

The plant - capable of producing nearly 13 million litres of illicit fuel a year and evading £9m tax - was raided by customs officers and police on Thursday.Three thousand litres of fuel, equipment and two vehicles were seized. Teams also removed 15 tonnes of toxic waste from the site.Mike Parkinson, HMRC, said a large amount of illicit fuel has been prevented from entering the market, preventing more revenue loss and "helping law-abiding traders fight unfair competition". He continued: "We have also safely removed toxic waste which can cause untold damage to the environment and local landscape.CHAR(13) + CHAR(10) CHAR(13) + CHAR(10)"These are difficult times for businesses economically and it is impossible for legitimate traders to compete on an unfair playing field. We owe it to them to support them in any way we can."The man from south Armagh has been released on bail and investigations are continuing."Anyone with information on fuel fraud has been asked to get in touch with HMRC by contacting the Customs Hotline on 0800 59 5000.


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