'ROI people in NI should get passport'

Published Monday, 24 June 2013
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Northern Irish residents who were born in the Irish Republic should be eligible to apply for a British passport, according to DUP MP Gregory Campbell.

'ROI people in NI should get passport'
Mr Campbell said ROI residents should be entitled to claim British citizenship. (© Pacemaker)

Speaking in the House of Commons on Monday, Mr Campbell said there was an "anomaly" in law which prevents people in Northern Ireland from applying for British citizenship.

He was debating during the Second Reading of the Northern Ireland (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill.

He said: "There are thousands of people in Northern Ireland, who were born after 1949 when the Irish Republic left the Commonwealth, who were born in the Irish Republic and have lived for decades in Northern Ireland, who are British.

"They are British by courtesy of their tax-paying ability, British by courtesy of their voting arrangements because they are British voters, they are British residents- but they can't hold a British passport and that is an anomaly that has to be addressed and hopefully will be raised at the appropriate point in the progress of this bill."

He commented that people in Northern Ireland "have a right to claim an Irish identity even though they have never been to the Irish Republic, why can't people born in the Irish Republic but have been British for decades and have lived in the United Kingdom?

"They demand the right to have a British citizenship, and they are currently denied that right, so hopefully we will be able to bring amendments to that effect in the course of this bill."

Under the Good Friday Agreement, residents of Northern Ireland have the right to claim Irish, British or dual citizenship.

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realistic in planet earth wrote (516 days ago):
oke doke gregory, but make sure and tell us how many actually apply for the british passport................:)
Browner in Glengormley wrote (517 days ago):
Its very simple, the irish passport is cheaper, not about nationality. If the british passport was cheaper more people would have one. This country is nuts!!!!!! It always becomes political. There should be a minister for common sense, although there would probably have to be 2 or 3, one from each side and a go between!!!
Paddy in Omagh wrote (518 days ago):
Re dave. That is completely incorrect. Read my last comment for instance. For example.. Because Northern Ireland is part of Ireland then the Irish nationality is more legitimate than someone who lives on Irish soil with a British passport. The uk passport effectively gives the people of the north the option to declare british nationally. Living here also makes us contribute to Britian under the union. But however that has been all taught til you throughout the years.. The fact remains that Northern Ireland's only link to Britian is under a union so it is not British soil.. It's Irish. So my point being that Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland together form Ireland. England together with Scotland and Wales form Britain and only those are British countries. We are not British we are Irish that are separated by the British under a union. The only nationally that can be questioned about us legitimacy is an ulster mans British one. But due to this history of this country that will not be questioned.
Frosty in Here wrote (518 days ago):
And one day they'll both sink into the sea, then what will we call them?
Jim in Belfast wrote (519 days ago):
I have a friend who works in the passport office in Dublin. Over the last number of years thousands more people from a Unionist background are applying for an Irish passport.
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