ROI majority for abortion legislation

Published Sunday, 02 December 2012
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Eight out of 10 people in the Republic of Ireland support legislation on abortion where the mother's life is in danger, according to a new poll.

ROI majority for abortion legislation
Protesters outside Leinster House after the death of Savita Halappanavar (© PA)

The survey was conducted by the Sunday Business Post newspaper and Red C Poll.

Over 1,000 voters, surveyed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, were asked if they supported legislation for the X Case, allowing abortion where the mother's life is threatened, including by suicide.

The X Case occurred 20 years ago, involving a teenager who became pregnant after being raped.

She confessed to having suicidal thoughts and wanted to go to England for an abortion due the procedure being illegal in Ireland. However, a High Court injunction banned this.

The Supreme Court eventually ruled that a woman had the right to seek a termination if her life was in danger. However, no legislation has ever been put in place.

Ten per cent of those polled said they would not support it while 5% said they didn't know.

The poll comes just weeks after a public outcry in Ireland, and around the world, over the death of a pregnant Indian dentist at a Galway hospital after suffering a miscarraige and septicaemia.

Savita Halappanavar's husband Praveen has claimed that his wife was refused an abortion because there was a foetal heartbeat present while his wife was miscarrying.

She was 17 weeks pregnant when she died on 28 October.

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Frosty in Here wrote (782 days ago):
@Vee in Belfast, if you don't like abortions, don't have one. But what would you say to the hundreds, possibly thousands, of girls who travel to England every year to have an abortion? Should they be forced to have the babies instead? And then what? Put them in care homes? Yea, politicians, priests, showbiz personalities, everyone loves the little orphans don't they? Some future. Ireland has no future. It's a backwater country in the middle of nowhere that its young leave as soon as their old enough to realise that.
Jamesbelfast in Belfast wrote (783 days ago):
In response to Pol in Ire. Vee in Belfast made no reference whatsoever to religion or god. For all we know he'she may be an atheist. But I would like to say to Vee is this. Did you read the news report and results of the survey? It only refers to abortion where the mothers life is at risk - no more - no less. If you feel a mother should give her life for her unborn child please say so - even if that mother has other chilodren to care for - be straight to the point. Ultimately a health professional will have to make the final decision but as things stand there no guidleines for the health professionals to follow or guide them. Whatever your views on the matter the government and representaives of the people have failed miserably by not setting standards which reflect public opinion.
Nick in Belfast wrote (783 days ago):
Usual nonsensical drivel from the anti-abortionists. A country that aborts it's own children has no future - The most prosperous countries in the world all have liberalized abortion laws. Why not survey normal people? - They did survey normal people. 1000 random members of the public. As with the Telegraphs recent survey you will probably find variations depending on demographic. Not in my name - Good. Don't have an abortion then. Killing babies is murder - Agreed. Killing a baby is murder. But not everyone agrees that a 12 week old fetus is a life. Don't force your opinions on other people.
Pól in Ire wrote (783 days ago):
That fact is Vee, you don't represent even 1% of those surveyed as you don't live in the country. You're opinion is invalid, and for one reason more; you allow the laws of your religious faith to determine the laws of man in the modern world. It's not that I disagree with your faith, whether you're a catholic or protestant we share the same god. It's that your God's son taught us no to force our believes on others. It wasn't you, but It was people with opinions but a lack of foresight and tact, like yourself, that allowed these poor women to suffer.
Vee in Belfast wrote (783 days ago):
Killing Babies in the womb is MURDER. 2 Wrongs do NOT make a RIGHT. Who are these people surveyed? Why don't the papers concerned ask normal people and not just those who support their statistical theories. NOT IN MY NAME! A country that aborts its own children is a country without a future!
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