Public involved in Divis dig

Public involved in Divis dig

Archaeologists hope the first ever public dig on Divis Mountain could reveal more about the history of the site.

School children and community groups will take part in the excavation which began at the Belfast site on Saturday.

Over the next three weeks, the dig will seek to unearth buries history on Divis and Black Mountain in time for a special show at the Ulster Museum this summer.

The public excavation is being run by the Belfast Hills Partnership and teams of experts from the National Trust and Queen's University, Belfast, are leading the project.

Dr Lizzie Pinkerton, from the Belfast Hills Partnership, said the scheme allows people to see what is in the hills above Belfast.

She explained: "A lot of people spend their lives down in the city and they don't make it up into the hills. We want people to get their hands on history, to get hands on and involved in the whole process."

"We are delighted to be working with the experts to uncover the rich heritage of the Belfast Hills and hope to uncover some fascinating finds and historical treasures. Members of the public are invited to come along and see local history being discovered."

The National Trust provided funding for the project, and archaeologist Malachy Conway said it is exciting to see so many schools, community groups, and members of the public taking part.

Mr Conway said: "The dig site is one of a number of prehistoric flint scatters we know of in the Belfast Hills, and holds the prospect of revealing valuable information about our prehistoric past.

"This site has not been investigated before so who knows what we will find."

"Our archaeological survey of the property has revealed over 4,000 years worth of human activity in the Belfast Hills through new sites discovered. These include prehistoric burial cairns, hut sites and stone-walled enclosures, 19th century farmsteads and 20th century defence heritage."


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